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The official emancipation of US slaves being marked in Broward Saturday with the screening of the movie the Price for Freedom, along with the more street Memorial Walk honoring Harry and Harry it more. The civil rights activists organized Florida's first branch of the ACP before they were killed in a bombing of their home Christmas Day. 1951 these pioneers Fourth to get equality for people who still struggling to be fully equal. Commissioner Dale Holness says the school teachers were instrumental and registering 120,000 black voters. The Miami Marlins are hosting a week of service projects. Miami Beach is installing a permanent Juneteenth plaque and Pride Park Saturday. Wendy Gershman, NewsRadio 6 10 w i o D coming up on seven. Oh, for this morning, a deadly variant of Covid is now here in Florida. The CDC confirming that Florida has 72 cases of the Delta variant nationally, Dr Anthony Fauci says that the variant makes up 10% of all cases. University of Florida researcher Marco Salome says We need to track this aggressive variant for the next few months and keep up with all the efforts to have people vaccinated as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the CDC says there are now over 300 cases of heart inflammation. In young people after they got vaccinated for Covid, the agency's director, Dr Rochelle Walensky, said on Thursday. The cases are out of more than 20 million adolescents and young adults that have gotten their shots. The CDCs Independent Advisory Committee will meet next week to go over the cases. While they will talk about the latest research and safety data at the meetings, they likely won't recommend any changes to covid 19 vaccination protocols. That's Mark Mayfield reporting coming up on seven. Oh 5 16 people trying to enter the US illegally are being sent back home. Border officials took custody of the migrants after they crashed their boat into a sea wall on the Intercoastal waterway in Pompano Beach. While most are from Central and South America, At least one migrant is from as far away as Romania. Rides on display in South Florida this weekend, and it all starts tonight. After last year's covid caused pause. Wynwood Pride is back. We have set up a neighborhood white plan essentially is going to put a spotlight on all these iconic Wynwood businesses. Festival executive director Jose Attend. CEO says there will be a dozen venues over the three days with money raised benefiting the Yes Institute for Trans Youth. Planned Parenthood and quality Florida and we're very fortunate to be able to say that we would his net back simply, but also better than ever. When would be a D chair Albert Garcia credits its preparedness plan for helping it's small businesses, whether the pandemic better than most. Erica Rodriguez News radio 6 10 W I, O D. Multiple women are taking porn hub to court over 30 Women filed a lawsuit against the sides parent company Mind geek for allegedly displaying videos without their permission. Horn hub, has denied the allegations. The Marlins are in Chi-town to open up a three game weekend series against the Cubs tonight at Wrigley Field. The fish have lost 40 after getting swept in three games up in ST Louis earlier this week. Pablo Lopez will be on the bump tonight for Miami opposite Cubs right hander Zach Davies. More news coming up at 7 37 06. I'm Natalie Rodriguez back to you, Jimi. All right. Thanks for live our news, traffic and all those kind of things you need, especially traffic. There's some real problems on the roadways right now..

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