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It's a discussion of the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip that go beyond the headlines welcomed daily. Pop The podcast edition today. We are talking romantic relationships and all kinds of dating drama as parents health and setting yourself up for disappointment. I demanding a perfect man. And can you imagine if your ex started dating lady Gaga of All People? The first word breaking down our favorite celebrity couples of all time. I am this is just an errand and welcome to daily. We love love here daily without the Romance Hollywood Romances. Come and go lucky for us. There are some of our favorite duos. That are still together. Unfortunately some were not but which CELEB- couple is your all time favorite team Ryan and Blake. Were I love them so much purely because they are comedic couple fact that they can have fun joke with each other play jokes on each other? I think it just seems like a really exciting genuine relationship and I strive to have that. I love that. They tease each other on social media. another couple I love. Is John Krasinski? Emily Blunt they are the same kind of way they tease each other. But they also have these very heart warming moments where they just gush on each other and it just feels like real love between the. Yeah that assery right there. Yeah my Hollywood. All the time they ever couple is Paris Hilton in Paris Law. It was the first time we've ever gotten like introduced to these new European playboys that not. Everybody had slept. Like everybody had like a Harry Moore and everybody had been with the Brody Jenner. So's everyone's been there. All of a sudden girl goes to Europe and comes back with all these hot rich men. That's when I was like all right. It's a whole new ball game and she got their big as I. It was everything you ran. Stivers IAGO's like we just got introduced. To a whole new crop amend that we had never met totally people we will lose the lawsuit filed that Pairs dated has basically been your all time favorite. No I'm saying like it was all time favorite because it ushered in a new era of like fresh de fresh European. I'll you well speaking of Paris Perez Hilton opened up about ending her engagement to Chris. Zylka an interview with Cosmo UK. Did you like Chris. He looks much okay. She says it was the best decision of her life and that it just didn't feel right. I've worked way too hard to just give my life to someone they may have to be perfect So somebody what are little hung up on that last line there. They have to be perfect. You think she setting yourself up for disaster to say that this person has to be perfection. I mean not perfection but perfect for her like she has a certain set of standards and I think we all do and sometimes you want people to meet you at like at hopefully the the halfway point with all of those requirements that you need your life for sure. I don't know if she meant that he had to be like the perfect human being but I think for her when you look at her life. It's kind of like a tricky situation because you want somebody who's like a boss but not too much of a boss to where they don't have time to spend time with you and you also have somebody who's flexible enough. Who can I get up in? Travel the world with you as you know she. Dj's all around the world throughout the year. But you also want somebody without a job. So it's it's like it's literally like us to do coupons to figure out what the Perez Hilton is like. You know her. Life is not like a normal folk like it's hard to relate to what she needs in her life because as you say like she's got all the money in the world he's got a very successful. Gershon so many jobs. She works very hard But she also likes to party still have fun. Yeah the time and it sounds like she needs a man who can trust her because she does live this really exciting life and they can trust because she's talked about having bad trust exactly and you don't want someone who is constantly thinking that you're going to be doing the worst and then you just they project it on you and then you start living like you're in a cage and I feel like maybe she at one point felt like she was in that situation. I I don't know but if she's going somewhere her man is going with her. She is one of those girls who likes Herman with there all the time. She kind of likes codependent relationship. But I think for her. It's one of those things where when your sister having kids and getting married and your other brothers having a kid and getting married and you've done all these things together you kinda. Sorta see a glimpse into that life and you start to take your life around that and all of a sudden you get too deep into the rabbit hole and you're buying the baby and then you're like no. I WANNA party a little bit more. I want to go out and want to have this free and loving life and sometimes you get your man roped into it and then when he starts going on now you like wait. I got about four more good summers left. I need to do this like a little longer. It's just reading the temperature and knowing exactly what she wants at that moment but I also think they shouldn't have to choose your forever young forever young talk about being perfect though. I mean you guys have both been in love in your life. You have fake. Not you've been in love so at a time like I kind of remember whenever I was dating and like like little things would annoy me. I'm done with this guy like right off the bat but then like whenever you find someone that you fall in love with those weird things that would normally Send you running. Yeah kind of like. I don't know why. But it's Kinda cute when he does that. Did that happen to you dateline? That was like I mean I saw on hit the guy over the head but I didn't think killed him with the blood. What did I thought he cut himself because I know he works around paper. I just thought he the pint of blood on him. I'm blinded by lust. Look like I'm blinded by laws that even I'm that girl I know you're that girl sitting the things that are always still argue with you. Read even though. You're madly in love with him. I mean I can excuse some things but then notice things repeated after a while and like I in my head and a very irritable and then the like what's wrong with you and unlike other four days. Okay I just had to tell you You when you like rushing your teeth. Toothpaste eleven thing and then when you put the dishes in the dishwasher like you didn't like scrub it first and then and now they're still food on and and yeah. Yeah Yeah I get any. It's GonNa work so I was blinded but this and then it goes away and then all those things come bagged. That's still annoyed me upset about this. I talk about it though when it annoys me or else like. I'm freaking a volcano about to erupt. And it goes away until they start pointing out your stuff and then you're like all right so maybe. I need to ease up a little bit. Yeah that's when he goes away when you start to realize that you have your own things that you've done for the last thirty years and they're pointing that out and you're like I guess you have to deal with this Dick Tease all right. So it's hard not to compare yourself to your XS new girlfriend. We all do that sometimes. But what about when your ex was on with Lady Lady Gaga although we will weigh friend is entrepreneur Michael Polinsky. His Ex is an editor at the New York Times. She wrote an article saying that she couldn't help comparing herself to guard go once she knew they were dating. If your ex dated Lady Gaga how would you feel? How would you react exit? Never be allowed to go near eighty ever and if he ever did I would say I just want to beat her. Like let's all hang on. I'm like one of those weird people were like. If you give me enough time we can then all be cool and cordial embalm. Like I was leading cal. Let's go to dinner me my new bay and then you gotTa. You're not going to be that person who didn't along with Lady Gaga and Chris didn't move on with Lady Gaga Dakota John Answer Enough. I don't think deal with my ex's in their new things I I I. It's it's weird it's like I've seen a naked and we both know him naked. Like it's just the thoughts like cross my mind waxes. So what you got to talk.

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