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Uh this we concern is brought to you by square space start building your website today at square space dot com inter africa twist at checkout to get ten percent off end tracker life is too short to spend looking fear wind keys save that precious time in get tracker go to that tracker dot com enter promo code twisting at twenty percent off any order everybody here but it's another episode of this week startups i'm your host jason cal academy and we do the show twice a week one hundred times a year you can go visit the show at this week startups dot com and you should go visit our partners when i read one of those ads go ahead visit that partner and thanked them on twitter it really helps that we have them here to support us and make the show possible well over one hundred thousand people watching every episode now which is amazing this is the great joy of my life hosting this program because they get to talk to people about what's in the news and how technology is changing the world today on the program i've got andy bromberg bromberger got her got who is the ceo and cofounder of coin list and we're going to talk today about tokens and coins now i have a pretty good understanding of this but let's assume the audience does not because we hear about ico said we have an idea from that name initial coin offering what it is your offering for the first time a coin we understand what bitcoin is at each cash a digital currency that exists in a nondistributed fashion but you've started quyen list what is coin list and welcome to the program thank you thanks for having me it's great to be here coling list is the place of the best digital lhasa companies run their initial coin offerings.

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