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Second time voters are heading to the polls today in four states west virginia indiana ohio and north carolina npr's jessica taylor explains there are gop primaries in several critical senate contests such as west virginia republicans are increasingly worried that coal baron don blankenship could seize their party's nomination in the west virginia senate race blankenship served a year in prison after an explosion on one of his mind's twenty nine men and even president trump tweeted monday a blanket nomination could cost republicans a chance to defeat democratic senator joe manchin blankenship is running against congressman evan jenkins the establishment favorite an attorney general patrick morrissey there's a three way gop contests in indiana as well for the right to face democratic senator joe donnelly businessman my braun is running as the outsider against representatives todd makita and luke messer both west virginia indiana are important races in the battle for the senate this no member where republicans will try to protect their fragile twoseat majority just a casino reporting this is npr the justice department says it will begin prosecuting parents who bring their children with them when they cross the southwest border illegally to request asylum npr's john burnett reports this is part of the trump administration's zero tolerance policy at the border to try to deter unauthorized entry up to now parents with small children fleeing central american gang violence of often been released while they wait there day immigration court to request asylum attorney general jeff sessions announced that federal agents may lock up the parents and send their kids to juvenile shelters while their cases are pending he was in scottsdale arizona on monday if you're smuggling a child then we're going to prosecute you and that chow will be separated from you probably as required by law immigrant advocates say it's cruel and heartless for the government to separate small children from their parents whose only offense is seeking protection from harm john burnett npr news washington thousands of university of california workers are on strike for three.

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