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Get up. Yeah but yeah, so life is coming back. That's the that's the important thing we can go outside. We can go indoors. We can use the restroom life as we used to know it. has restarted must start an APP of a restroom APP. Finder the most cleanline- your radio public restroom. You know if you're anywhere in a city, pull it up. This is where you can use the restroom free. Feel like it would be convenient. Now. I don't know how you. MONETIZE that but I'm sure there's a way just collect data. Tracking people just meet trapping everybody exactly well. We have on the show the rest of the week. We have guests on Friday We have a guest on Friday, but it's confirmed so not going to give you a name. but we do have. We've got things in the in the hopper we've got. We do hitching talk Currently who's committed journeys that Clark Liam, Bowen. Yes, we're GONNA have a pitching talk. Zach Clark Race scowls on the show earlier this year Liam. Villain NBC head coach also on the show Ryan Copeland University Illinois Springfield super, smart pitching, Guy, they're all gonna be in maybe another all star squad bride's moderate. That's GONNA. Be Fun that's in the works, also the cage match between Jefferson and Richard, I suppose. we do have a couple of other people that haven't been yet I. Still Not Allen Nathan on the show. eventually get around to him. and then some of the people who are back in Major League baseball would. PROBABLY MISSED OUR WINDOW But You know so be. will be will be taping showed Sim Murray He was he was co broadcaster with Adam. Bowl. We just had on a recent episode, but now works for. Westwood One. He's out in DC. I think I believe. He hosts once called the daily line. sports gambling show every morning. I WANNA say it's one could be wrong about that. NBC Sports Radio. Maybe we'll. We'll get usually wrong, so that sounds that sounds right Yep. I will thanks for being here. This was the morning brushback. I'm Dan Blewett your bobby Stevens camp. What is what sign up oh? But one last thing before we go, you're actually listening. Leave us a review on itunes. It's mandatory. Thank you your consideration. Now it's mandatory. Thank you for your consideration. Goodbye!.

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