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In life. It's the Chad Benson show. That right there. The sound of funeral. A just an absolute tragedy again over the weekend. And before the last shot was fired before all was said and done by within an hour. The blame game had begun. Who was this person? How did Trump make him? Do this is it mind reading who knows in the battle was on. And it was awful. And look what took place Saturday was absolutely horrible. There were some things that came out of this. And I don't know if you saw this. But the Iraq war veteran who ended up running at the guy while everybody else was running away. He normally doesn't sit in the back row for whatever reason he sat in the back row, the border patrol agent who just recently found his his his his Judaism. And the fact that he was Jewish. He drove in from El Centro every week to go and the rabbi. Said to him. Hey, can you bring your gun and make sure that you're always carrying when you come to to synagogue because we don't have enough money for you know, any kind of protection. So maybe if you brought your gun, it would it would make us feel a little bit easier. And he did and those were the two that ended up thwarting this attack and making it much worse than it could have been. And of course, one die three were injured. And then the question is how and why and the parents of the shooter asking the same question because by all accounts. This kid a lot of stuff those questions. How we nineteen year old classically trained pianist a straight a student became radicalized ledger. Posting hate fueled public message saying he wanted to kill Jews his distraught. Parents releasing a statement saying how our son was attracted to such darkness is a terrifying mystery to us now is it. I mean, you you asked that question. How does somebody get here? And this is the thing that we always wanted to piece together people are gonna blame it on Trump. People are going to blame it on the rhetoric. People are gonna blame it all this stuff..

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