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Still funny. Allan Sherman and, uh You know what? There is a reference to Allan Sherman on a on an episode of The Simpsons. It was when weird Al Yankovic made a guest appearance, and he brought up the name Allan Sherman, who apparently was, uh, definitely somebody that who influenced weird Al over the years. Allan Sherman died very young. He was only 48 years old. And, uh, he managed pretty good career in a short amount of time. He was the producer of I've got a secret. The old quiz show. In fact, he developed that program and he went on to work for Steve Allen. As a matter of fact, as a kid. Remember being in Los Angeles going to a taping of the old Steve Allen show that that great Westinghouse indicated show he did. That was a big influence on David Letterman and Allan Sherman was a guest. On one of the shows, and he was just doing parody songs based on suggestions from the audience. They would They would take a lion from someone in the audience, and then Steve Allen and Allen Sherman would come up with an instant song and I actually Suggested. The song title. I think I said, Take me to your fern doctor or something referring to some for Steve Allen had used and they they did a song. Based on and somewhere on a A real I have I have that tape because in those days they would do the show. And then the Steve Allen show would air like on channel 72 weeks later, so I knew it was gonna be on I got my tape recorder out. Put the microphone in front of the TV speaker and recorded it have to play that for you one of these days. Uh, you said you know where it is? Yeah, Basically, it's in a pile of tapes are real too real. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I'll get that out. One of these days, by the way, that camp Granada Song Hello, Mother. Hello. Farrah has now been translated into other languages worldwide hit in a couple of minutes. We'll get you into the Northwestern medicine newsroom for the complete Chicago report. First. Steve has today's market outlook. Nothing on the calendar today. In terms of economic reports, we do have the Amazon Prime day which is underway. And this week we have a busy week with the focus on homes. The existing home sales report comes out tomorrow. US. New Home sales will be out on Wednesday on Thursday, jobless claims and then on Friday personal income and spending for May. So a few things this week that could move the markets, including today, June the 21st Has it been a while since you flip that thermostat from heat to cool turn to the experts, said Griffith Energy Services before you do for an $88.

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