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Away by the Rams on it looks like it's sales out of bounds. As we get a penalty marker thrown here. Fine first down as they were placed the football at the 40 Yard line. That's certainly not what you want to see your kicker met gay and now CD. Patriots even more desperate for some offense. What do you do? Well, I think you have to go back to what? You what you lived on. I mean, this is a run first team. You still have plenty of time in this game. You gotta settle things down. Get Cam going. Like I said before. Just try to get some positive yards and ultimately put some points on the board. Don't let this thing get out of here. 17 nothing. New England down with 14 46 to play opening minutes second quarter Newton under center turns hands off the Harris cuts back off right tackle out across the 45 as he takes on tacklers to the 46 yard line. It's a pick up of a half dozen tackled on the play by Sebastian Joseph Day. As New England just trying to get their offense going here down 17 points. No, the listeners at home have not heard us see Aaron Donald's name. But when that last play, Aaron Donald was a reason why that scream did not work. Erin Donald came in on the hill, Damon Harris so he couldn't get out. And that's what Kenny Young came and got that pick Donald tied for the league lead with 11 sacks, second and four Patriots from their own 46 handoff here to harass. As he runs over center will cross inside Rams territory. That'll be a first down run of five. You see where the officials spot the football first in 10, New England down 17 others, and that's the pages right there. Just saying we're going to just go be physical with you Wrap the middle, But name and hair is just trying to get the first down and this is what I'm talking about. Get this offense on his schedule. Positive yards. I like that play. Call 1st and 10 from the Rams. 49 Newton under center I formation set with Harris. You're sitting on your asses their tail back once again, now calling signals takes the snap turns hands to harass, runs off right guard through a scene. He's inside the 45 all the way down to the 40 yard line. The Rams Now that offensive line of New England starting to take charge. It's a pickup of nine tackled by Kenny Young. This is just the old Smash mouth football here, Spiro, Way out full back to the game. We have isolation blocks is downhill with the Patriots favorable second and one for the Patriots from the Rams 40. Building again under center. Two wide receivers split wide to the left. Now they will reset in the backfield offset I to the left. Man in motion. Is Jacoby Meyers going to our right? Newton takes the snap turns hands the Harris runs off right tackle cuts back off guard. He's keeping those legs churning down to the Rams 32 yard line. Actually, it's Sony. Michela. Beg your pardon on the take a pick up of eight first down New England. Conjoined Macy's and help grant Children's wishes this holiday.

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