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Twelve new republicans on the panel nine were signatories including five of the six freshman a prime example the symbiotic relationship between the coakes in the committee was morgan griffeth who had defeated rick voucher the district the represented solve vilvorde genuine was among the new wave of appointees to the energy and commerce committee who were openly indebted to the co brothers for their seats americans for prosperity operatives were guests of honour at a victory rally soon after the election at which griffith gushed quote i'm just thankful the all helped me out in so many ways and quote coke's invest menson paid off on said office griffeth became an outspoken skeptic of mainstream climate science dry national ridicule for lecturing scientific experts as they testified before congress if they needed to consider the possibility that mess of attaining a and the vikings owed their success to global warming and the melting ice caps on mars showed that humans were not it's 'cause on earth republican congressman griffeth became a lead player in the house republicans war on the epa demanding that the agency being reined in than a month after he took office he another house republicans gutted the epa budget by it punishing 27 percent dark money the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right jane and here when hugh senator turner says she's going to try to get in here every other week or so take your calls and talk with you really very nice to ever dropped by today harrison in seattle hey harrison what's on your mind that it hey tom great show as always i don't know how you do it i'm having fun hour out with that i'm having fun yeah and i think that's the key man ally up in general are question for yet so we've got five previous wedding presidents right mmhmm and they took of it an oath of office to defend the constitution of the united states and various other responsibilities i don't think you give that up when you leave office i think that kind of a responsibility you carry through considering what an elite club that is mm at what point does it incumbent upon the its fiveman stand together in a unified voice be at a.

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