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10 minutes on the 4's in the greenland area we have a fenderbender being reported a fifth an eighteen th avenue northwest sylvie on the lookout for that we are still being told the ramp from northbound five eastbound ninety is partially blocked haven't been able to see the exact situation on our cameras but keep that in mind ending use cautioned through the area roadwork on northbound i5 at the duwamish river bridge has at least two lanes closed and your seeing a backup that starts about four or five runs through the duwamish curves area and that's going to continue until five am tomorrow morning your next reporters at 334 i'm rob kid eric on komo news north or cached areas of low clouds and fog burning off stolen some areas where she in a nice after noon indeed temperatures today in the low 60s overnight low of forty six were clear skies expected monday abundant sunshine with a high of fifty nine tuesday plenty of sunshine again with a high near 60 overnight lows in the mid forty but for rain right around wednesday beshir latest from the komo weather center she he'll sam stock to eat is hoping to inspire young women to succeed in a tech world with his believe in yourself organization fans this is on a mission after dan house in time for me it's like when i first started as i was like sun nervous the order that was because i don't want the girls not like they're addresses so nervous in the most important thing for me through his multimillion dollar online fashion retail site as trendy dot com sam realize how many teams experienced body shaming.

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