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And rolling along the mike gallagher highlights yo i'm eric hanson was there any more shocking a scandal in america this past year than the sexual harassment revelation swirling around folks like matt lauer here's my with his tick of course matt lauer has finally issued a statement he's ashamed he's embarrassed he's sorry he says some of the information has been an accurate but enough of it is true and wow if enough of it is true that guy may never be heard from again very very embarrassing stuff and uh i would believe criminal there's a story of a sexual attack in his office matt lowers office and i understand unmindful their children listening so i'm trying to be as professional here as possible but according to i think it was the hollywood reporter maybe it was the new york times but there is a a an accusation that a woman was summoned to his office he had a button under his desk to be able to lock the door when he wanted to he locked the door he basically had they if the way was described which chuck schumer intercourse over the desk and she passed out from the sexual intercourse and he had to summon a nurse to get her medical attention now that that sounds to me like something right out of silence of the lands that is like something right out of a horror movie i even describing it to you i've never describes something like that on the radio but i'm sorry is part of this this incredibly shorted account this is a guy who for over two decades was the friendly warm lovable face of nbc news skies interview in the presidential candidacies host you the thanksgiving day parade i guess you say you forgive savannah guthrie and the rest of impressing how much they love the guy at me i don't know that you call that sexual intercourse if a woman is past we now after being thrown over the desk of his office that he locked with the button under his desk this is such crazy creepy insane lawful stuff it's like rate is like it's right out of a horror movie stay right where you are the mike gallagher highlight show continues after this gold youth pain relief is elusive pain relief is mysterious pain relief can be.

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