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How good or bad ally was that by Francisco Indoor I mean, that's that's it. That's a 10. I mean, everyone knows that. That's just your kind of reflecting there, and we all know what happened. But look, teammates, you know, scuffled happened. Disagreements happened, Get over and you move on, and that's what they've done. I think Rat raccoon thing was just very clearly. You know, around record, we're fine and things Some people take it seriously as if it was something to debate like, Wait. Everyone knows this was not correct, right? It was very, very odd to see people. Even semi by it. But look, I mean, he made have you no confrontations. They figured out they move on and the Mets so far, you know, they they responded positively to it, so we'll see if it keeps up. Yeah, This is where I I got a lesson this weekend, Kyle because I was my son's graduation and I'm following all this stuff on Twitter. And you know when you follow stuff on Twitter, you're on Twitter. So you know, like you only see bits and pieces of things. So the way I was interpreting is like, okay, there was a gigantic rodent inside the clubhouse like I had no idea about the kerfuffle between You know Lynn Door and whichever team mate. It was that I can't recall but that that's that's what I took away from Social media. Like Oh, I can't wait to see the video of this rat that they thought was a raccoon in the clubhouse, and it wasn't anything like that. It was two teammates getting into getting into a scuffle down in the clubhouse. Yeah. Twitter and social Media in general are very good at painting the entire picture for Yes. Good point. Glaser. Baseball America, Kyle before I get you out of here, Albert pool halls. We done seeing Albert pool halls and if if if we're done seeing him, what is the legacy of Albert pools? Yeah, we are again. I have a hard time seeing anyone pick him up. He has not been an above average offensive performer as measured by ops. Plus since 2016. He doesn't do anything for you base running wise or defense wise anymore, and Look, He's one of the greatest to ever play who just hung on a little too long, But I think you look back and say, Yeah, this is one of the best players in baseball history. We should always appreciate what he didn't say Lewis. You see the cautionary tale for these 10 and 12 and 13 year contracts, it seemed to be keep getting given out. There's a lot of them for first basement in particular yak giving up 10 plus your contract to first baseman. The 30 does not work out. Miguel Cabrera is another example. Joey Votto, and we gave the Reds a couple good years the front end, but the back has been pretty ugly. Yeah. Long term deals for first base and that take him through their age 38 39 40 seasons. It's just not a good investment. Yeah. Kyle Glaser. Baseball America. You can get him on Twitter at Kyle A Glaser G l A s e r Kyle really appreciate you making time. Appreciate the insight. Thank you very much. Looking forward to talking you down the road sometime. Thanks. Yeah, my pleasure. All right. Thanks, Cow Glaser Joining me on the program? Yeah, that that pool's contract. That was one Where you know there were a lot of ST Louis people at the time. That were angry. They didn't re sign Albert Pools. A man that was a decade that went by fast. It doesn't feel like that long ago that Albert Pools was a Saint Louis Cardinal. Um, certainly doesn't feel like 10 years ago. On. Maybe because the last several years with the Angels have been so Nondescript for pools. We just don't have a ton of great angel years to remember with pool halls, So we remember the cardinal years where he was I mean, it's either him or Barry Bonds as the greatest hitter of the last 20 to me of the last 25 years. It's one of the two of them mean pool halls was ridiculous and trout to throw my trout in there. Um But Our pool in the fact that the two of them were on the same team for a period of time when pool still had something left in the tank. Is, uh It. I would love to go back and read the articles. They were covering the angel signing our pool halls and what that was gonna be like, especially when trout started to really emerge. Like, Wow, We got these two guys in the lineup and just nothing. No, I mean like trucks played in like you can count. On one hand the number of playoff games Mike Trout's played in Nothing out of that. But you knew that when, when out report will sign that deal? It's just you looked at it. You go. Okay. This This is going to be horrific on the back end. And it's look. It was horrific. 25 million or whatever it was he was making 2025 million. It's bad, obviously, I mean, they they, D f ate him in the middle of the year. But even that, you know that now when the big salaries or 30 35 40 million But still those last 45 years when he signed that deal a decade ago, you said, Man, that is just you looked at it. You said. I know he's a great hitter. That's gonna be hideous. And then there's only certain teams that can do that. There's only certain teams that can pay that tax on the back end. You know, I think there's I think there's a lot of teams. Maybe more than we more than we think that can manage a few big contracts on their payroll. You know that that aren't just the Yankees and the Dodgers of the Cubs of the Red Sox. You know, I live in Houston, the Astros of the $200 Million payroll. They've got several large contracts held Justin Verlander's getting paid 33 million to rehab an elbow from Tommy John surgery. And I think they should still be the favorites to win the division. So it's it seems they're smarter now about managing the contracts. But if you really want to go get a guy if you really want to do the 10 year deal. There's a lot of teams man, I don't know like this. It's gonna be really interesting to watch the tatty steel 14 years and I know he's only 21 22 years old. But how the hell do you know how a deal is gonna age? 10 years, 10 through 14 in San Diego. You know that in in L. A So, um But the pool halls one I'm look, they there The Angels there in Los Angeles. There a big market team. Hasn't stopped them from making other.

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