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Where i put my peanut butter almost every day. I will thank you. Guys gotta take a break. We're back after this. Who the hell are you. Hey it's jerry. Jones state farm is the real deal when it comes to car and home insurance bill for personalized service and an award winning easy to use mobile app just part of what makes their rates so surprisingly great so when you want the real deal like a good neighbour state farm is there. Elvis duran in the morning show. I'm worn out. This day has warned me out told me right now one out done what a great day. Bobby play thanks for coming in everyone. Thank you for coming in daniels. Here yes gandhi. Of course let's talk about what you're gonna do next. You're going to be seventy for what two more days in your rv. Yes we are Yosemite is huge. And there's tons of stuff to do so we are lining up some whitewater rafting. Which could be amazing. They have some of the biggest rapids in the country. Over here We learned that we can take some archery lessons. Still i i. I love that that's awesome. Okay go ahead. Sorry yeah me too. Of course there are tons of hiking trails. One we found out is twenty. Six miles into the park and diamond has already told me to go. F- off another hike over that one. Right perfect we have lots to look forward to all right. Let's get into sound with garrett garrett how you doing oh fabulous how are you. We're all laughing at gandhi delay. I know i heard i heard it. It's okay though she's doing well with it. Say hi gandhi to fit it takes. It's okay. it's okay. Okay we'll move on garrett yes what do you have today all right. Let's start with olympic coverage. This is super awesome. A thing new. She won the gold in the women's eight hundred meter a track and field. Yes yes there we go. It's the first time a. Us athlete has won the event since nineteen sixty eight and this is what it sounded like really massive trout united states women's hundred made us at the olympic games. That drought is about to me. Yes it is thing more from trenton. New jersey champion and raven. Rogers come storming home to grab bronze. I was eagerly looking at the time. I kind of just wanted to grow strong as i am not Do anything different. That i've been doing the whole season. So i wanna just have the same attitude coming into this race which was off there and just trying to go. Wow awesome new jersey right there. Elvis urine born in nineteen sixty eight. All right yes i was. Okay i thought you. I thought you were much younger than i thought you were much much. Let's talk about officer. Dan corona from elmwood park new jersey. Police department he responded to a call about loud music so neighbors heard loud music bunch of kids that have a band or playing in the backyard so he showed up and said hey guys can you just turn turn it down or stop playing. The kid said sure but he goes before i leave. Let me play one song with you. I play drums so the he jumped on.

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