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Yeah jolt. Michelle singletary is an award. Winning personal finance columnist the washington post. She's also a frequent contributor to npr. And she she regularly appears on cnn and has also appeared on nbc's today show on cbs. The early show as well and michelle she. She's written multiple books on personal finance and her latest book. What to do with your money when crisis hits was just published last month. Not only is it an incredible resource for folks who find themselves in difficult times right now. But it's also just chock full of practical money advice that we believe everyone should be incorporating into their lives. It's kind of the financial advice that your grandma would approve of right. We're excited to get to talk to michelle single today and learn more about our books Michelle thank you for joining us today. Thank you so much for having me michelle. We are so glad to have you. You are a personal finance icon. I would say oh no. It's just because you've been doing it so well for long enough. You're not you're not old. You've got plenty of years left in your till like establish that personal finance status even more but hey michelle. The first question. We ask anyone who comes on the show matinee. We like craft beers. Something we're into and we drink craft beer on most episodes but for us. It's something that we're willing to splurge on in the here and now while we're also trying to a really good job of of saving investing for the future so yet do you have something like that a splurge a craft beer equivalent. Okay so this is gonna go over with but my hobby is saving money. So if you ask like my husband what i splurge on they would just roll their. I think probably multiple scrabble dictionary. Be the only thing. I just don't have a lot of things that i really want to be. Honest and know. It's terrible but I think multiple scrabble dictionaries. That's i mean to me. That sounds extravagant..

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