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Monsieur Mike, I thought you're coming in from England. My lion pools of the confused. Yeah, well, Ah, very good body to all ladies and gentlemen, Those of you who didn't get the French. We are going to be touching upon a fantastic, absolutely brilliant French SUV. Old is going to be revealed. So over to my co I know has got a million questions that he wants to ask me, haven't you, Mike? So, Robert, What have you been test driving lately? Well, I've just given the game away. Whatever I being test, right, well this week very upset to say this a beautiful Poggio 3000 and eight or three double. 08 SUV hybrid for GT left my home here and suffer yesterday I was really devastated on DH. I've bean on it to be given one of these fantastic cars by by Persia to appraise. This is what we are talking about this morning from the other side of the pond, a Suffolk It also Europe. The Post Show three double 08 Hybrid four is a medium size SUV. Have I'm going to start off by saying now, Mike That I regard this as the best SUV that I hope driven that I have got to acquaint myself with if I just plunging very briefly and say that it's not surprising that I'm saying what I'm saying. Because since its launch the Peugeot 3008 let's call it that has won more than 65 International Awards, including the prestigious European car of the war. Award 2017 and in the UK alone, which is where I'm based where I have this wonderful car. It's one a really impressive array of automotive accolades, including The gold car off the year for 2019 at these awards. Just keep keep coming. It's been voted the best medium SUV. By car by a best car rewards for 2020. So that's four consecutive wins in the category. I just don't know of any other SUV that is just consistently winning. Awards, and it's all down to the most brilliant package off engineering and design and finesse that I've really come across in a long time. In a car or a vehicle off this particular type. So that's what we're talking about. Mike. So Is there anything that you don't like about it? That is that you have to pay to buy two get one. Yeah, well, I couldn't find anything that I really didn't like, obviously and truthfully and I could tell our listeners I've not bean given one of these cars and Persia have been sent me. Ah, bottle of French red wine, But they will now set my my wife flowers. Oh, I don't know. I don't know. I couldn't find anything wrong on. I'm gonna just say that my special test it is Thie Robert Erskine, three minute test, which I always apply whenever unfortunate enough to be asked to appraise. A new vehicle that I've never driven and I have never got got into this three minute test. Ladies and gentlemen. Disraeli important way over a minute. Robert, Wait a minute. I gotta get my I gotta write this down. I gotta write this down. Go ahead. Yeah, yeah, I got my pen ready. It's the three minute test. So what you do guys is you open the door. You get into the car. You put your seatbelt on, Andi, I know you're gonna laugh some cause you you You fat around, as we say, trying to get the seat belt in the right position. If after three minutes I haven't got myself comfortable. All the controls don't feel intuitive. And right as though I've bean in this vehicle for a while, and then I get off for my first initial drive. I cannot feel comfortable on I'm fidgeting. Well, I just can't get on with this vehicle. Then I know that the rest of the time is going to be a really pain. Not with the interest Zhou 3000 on a Nate. It's just everything is just perfect. The only other car that I've really ever said this about was the tests with three where everything just seems to come right to your to your hand. You could go straight off. And that means that you're driving safely on DH with confidence. So that is the first thing is that with a straight and now I'm very briefly. Yeah, No, it is it. Is that what they call the ergonomics of the vehicle, the interior of the vehicle that everything's The economic or is that is that economics? Erskine on Is that our economic It could. Well, we have to want to set. There's a lot of science now goes into how a car is designed on packaged and especially how you The end user are going to fit in that interior, which we call the cabin designed is called the interior ofthe cars, cabins, so it's got to adjust to practically everybody's body shape and size. Both ladies and men. People who are tall people who have short people who are wide people who are thin people who are heavy people who are like, you know, it's all got to work. And this is what I found with this vehicle within three minutes. In fact, less than three minutes everything was intuitive in its place, and I felt I could go straight off says absolutely great. And what I found basically is that this car is so comprehensively equipped. We could be here all day running through everything but it that it has. But suffice to say. It is a superb car. It has everything that you'd ever really need. It doesn't have extra stuff, which is just being clever, which the manufacturer's Persia's situational the PSA group, which is where this comes from, which is now part of fit Chrysler and we have to understand that this vehicle is part of the new group. Who will be coming to the Yusa will be touching upon that in just a second. This has been really cleverly put together and you don't need anything more than what actually comes with the car. So what is it? It's a hybrid. But I know certain people out there going, say hybrids are not the most important thing. Manufacturers should be concentrating on all electric. Well, there's going to be a time lag before all of this stuff comes out. So in my opinion, it's better to be doing something than not doing something to reduce emissions. And we know that some hybrids are not as efficient as they could be. Well, this one is really efficient. It has a theoretical range of over 200 miles to a gallon to patrol because the vehicle we had is a 1.6 turbocharged liter gasoline engine. Ally to four electric motors, two at the front to the rear. So it's all wheel drive. It is absolutely superb. It has power that you don't really need to use on a daily basis, but it makes for very safe overtaking entertaining driving, which is important. Because the SUV eyes absolutely the most crowded and populated segment in the market. It's the fastest growing segment. Consumers can't seem to get enough off these SUVs. And most of them are very Blatter. What much fun actually drive, not the Persia. The Persia is just fantastic farm and it's very safely acquit. It has got up to the date..

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