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My year i i've been involved in more accidents like that that are that are caused from not caused from over aggression just caused by being in a row in place you know and that's the thing that is a storm that i guess i'll have to weather you know i'm not liking it worked barking these out of it this afternoon to the czech republic and further up it road on standing with johnny rutherford in the pits at the bob clarke slender ucar and johnstone explain what happened to the crew and tell tell us as well john you're a first off your okay yeah i find this to disappointed were out of the race because look like it you started off a little slow to david look like you're coming up through pretty well airway had some problems with slender you car but it started responding to changes and we had a flat wants out there and i really went backwards with a thing trying to just keep it straight until the next scheduled pitstop we finally got in and found a tire that have been punctured so it was it was better after that and this time we took on four tires and it felt like it was going to be good but we never got a chance to really find out but i don't think bob intended for you to put this car on a crash diet today an awful and that's a nets not an indication of slender you either at set yes unfortunate i've i've the oriole bad about it but i had everything under control and i don't know whether when i turn to try to maneuver going in where the brakes on the cardis got sideways or whether there was some oil from cars know getting sideways there whatever but it just left man uh uh field bad rather race but it's a everything's okay but here you're okay and hope see back with a soon i'll be back you can count on it thank you make the johnny ruppert the drivers that are out rick wilson michael waltrip bill smith mark martin a johnny ruth further cars that are definitely out for quickly set the field for you at one hundred sixty nine laps it will be a very linked the caution here as their continuing cleanup efforts down and turn of a one and working on the track down there.

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