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But yeah I think that you know. The challenges are not over. I think we've tested in. We've we've had a number of test so far, but. Ultimately. I'm almost wary of being complementary complimentary of how see positives that are because of the kind of thing you have to stay vigilant on you can't. Let your guard down and feel like well, we we've got this I think once you feel that way you know bad things are going to happen, and the other thing is I think that there's GonNa be some mental challenges when when the first team or to goes through what is probably? Inevitable situation where you have guys test positive. And then there was team. Mates are to have to reexamine their commitment so I think there's a number of hurdles. I think we can do as I as an industry. You know preach you know you know safe behaviors and try to keep everyone doing the right things. Because the fewer guys locked out the better and the more we can make these you know, keep the the best players you know all the players on the field and make sure that these teams are representative the better think far been great, but you know obviously you have a lot of hurdles us. Hey last thing. that. The draft was SORTA Araf. Everybody's radar here. Especially, the compressed version of the draft. But you guys plucked a kid out of San Diego didn't Ya and some things like death taxes and the cubs figuring out a way to take a road trip to southern California to find a player to take the draft. You, know, listen. San Diego has been It's always been good, but our first round pick was actually a kid that we took Kept from the south side of Chicago it was Oh see from Chicago. Yeah can we took a kid named Eddy Howard from the. South side he was on the the Little League team that lost in the final. And just a great kid. can really play shortstop and You know. It worked out great because he was absolutely the You know the highest guy and our board. When when his election came up, we were hoping he would fall to us and You know there was a it was a nice lad bonus, and it's a nice story that we don't have a lot of first round picks coming out of Illinois but Ed with a clear first rounder and we're. We're excited to data. Bad Job Outta me for some reason I thought you guys took another player out. Of San Diego I thought. That stood out to me from the draft, but I guess I screwed that up, we have maybe it was tops fifth year not this year so. Remember the when you talk cable is the kitchen table I was doing wealth. You guys? Glad you guys have been able to Find something to talk about in this in this. Moment of so little for you guys. You guys deserve the fact that. You know the you know NBA MLB. You'll be going soon. You got your golf soccer. Which I know is what you really care about and I'm glad..

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