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You see acquires home shopping network for two point one billion dollars read is working on smartphone microsoft laying off thousands of people and more is thursday july six and this is crutcher poor unionized set an unbeatable deal he'll cut through fruit vegetables cement your mom a vacuum necessary key sucker you've ever seen secular hello or shiny necklace soc he will urine look all that is just a phone call away with some easy dialing homeshopping shipping haley not included then if that deals european seek we have an offer you can't pass up liberty interactive the owner of homeshopping company qvc announced this morning that is acquiring home shopping network in allstock deal valued at two point one billion dollars so you thought amazon was too easy inefficient you're ready to have your mind blown with buying products through t v while cuba sees revenue has stagnated in recent years it's still sought eight point seven billion in sales last year compared to homeshopping networks three point five billion so it's still printing money among other things liberty says the acquisition will lead to more development of its ecommerce mobile in streaming video products homeshopping the way the future and the past chestnuts read the cupi that create super high end cameras like the scarlett epic in weapon that are super fancy and make amazing images and two coup for me to use but i wish i did is coming out with a smartphone today the company launched preordered of hydrogen inexpensive modular smartphone with what it calls holographic three display the technical deeds are super sparse at the moment basically all we know is you'll have a headphone port a three display and it will come into additions or one thousand five hundred ninety five dollars titanium version and for the budgetconscious a one thousand one hundred ninety five dollar aluminum build the company is aiming for a q one 2018 release date i really wanna try this phone now.

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