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I do you know. There's oh my god no way. There's someone on instagram. Call young blazing and we have the same birthday. What okay young. Okay so loud you know. Fight club where we realize that and young blazing are the same person with twenty two year old instagram. You've created a separate personality. Where ben schwartz. Too damn bad. You know why it makes sense though too because it's mating season so so like you just condensed right here in august. september two. Yeah my parents were gross. Having sex around fucking. October freaky halloween. Nasty rod punk basak. How we we baby come on at least vander pump. I mean come on get off. We get off this agatha christie. Back up back up. What is something you think is overrated jabbar overrated. We're going there. I alright. I actually took notes this time alternative cauliflower products and i'm gonna say with much for the record i'm not one of those that i don't shame people for what they enjoy. I'm not gonna yuck yum. If that's your thing in fact i'm generally here to up into shot especially if you told me that it's it has some healthy property. You know a health benefit. I'm at that age in general health status where i'm like oh good for me. And it tastes. Good okay cool. I'll i'll lead. I'm not here for the comics lower. I never had any product that actually actively tasted now cauliflower products. Have you had cauliflower. That you enjoy way what i won't i don't i don't love just regular colleagues but but you know i. I am at that age where it's like you got each vegetables. You gotta do these things you have to get. You have to make these adjustments and clinton differs. becky's wake the wet alternatives. You time when like our crust color. Anything like yeah i. Yeah i had a something that someone called buff like nope buffalo nugget. It was halfway decent because it was sauce. Like crazy and your deep fried. Who said i just can't with so and and i say this as someone i'll admit i got into trader joe's late in fact i got an trader joe's late specifically because i thought it was whole foods because most of the people are going in there pretty much look like you know whole food folks just with dirtier sandals and then i right now i realize man..

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