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The icl fire in law be cemented northbound near anaheim street looks like it's open the right hand shoulder but call are saying the can see flames underneath kind of adding to the congestion as you come out of long beach and make your way up towards will finally up in pasadena two accidents on the 210 ten have cleared those one at the one thirty four seguin had magistrate again bowl the maclear stil kinda congested oh from lincoln avenue as you make your way out course irwindale care find the sky helps you to their faster amaki kajiyama uh and how you like it cooked but it should be done within fifteen to twenty five minutes there another great reason to bake your bacon besides that it's less messy and control it it stays flat is because it's not sitting in its own oil or you're not frying aunt uh you can flavor it and he could make candied bacon in all kinds of things so you put a little brown sugar on they're a little cinnamon and you can actually candy your bacon which i gotta tell you is punched a stranger in the face delicious i mean just really really wonderful but other things as well so you can put maple syrup on there you can may be a sprinkle parmesan cheese on there uh pep rica whatever your flavor profile is that excite you you can put that on the bacon and it will bake onto the bacon it can be really really delicious another fund thing to do.

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