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Sza the brewers get the wind and they get the wind and a big big way down a tally there in the 10th travis shaw hits the two run home run after he hit that home run he spoke with jeff levering nephew dried off at all still try to catch my breath low that as right you should is a huge here take me through the afghan what you were looking for against davis i wanted to see a pitch i thought he would try to the other night us one at the isis counter and i figured he would try something else took the first has curveball for a ball and honestly just looking for something in the middle of the play that i thought i could lease get a base at less than the koerbel held up a little bit it was able to was able to get up are you able to put into words how big this game was for your team remainits this has might have been it this is a mustwin for us back against the law to tough losses past two games we let both of those slip away um but at the same time the resiliency this team has been here all year are sia coming up with a huge homer in the ninth brauny with the double right there the set of the set the whole inning up and just the resiliency this team has shown its shown itself time and time again it's it's just so crazy to watch the the wave of emotions go through this club and i know you guys have great emotion in that clubhouse in in the dugout during games you never landed on that that this could be a really tense time everybody's still very excitable but i mean you hit that walk off home run and just i think you guys took it to another level the i mean from here on out every games in this important game we're going to play the season running out of time we're still in it by any means that the vision may be a little far but you never know what can happen but we we still have another have newland with a wildcard and were right there in both of the both of those races helbig wind today travis congratulations on a on a mustwin and it and a huge hit thank you so there is.

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