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That sound we're gonna start. This show here is fast Traffic. Good evening night. Big, gentle. Good evening to you, My friend Happy Friday. As always. We do have some troubles here in North Brunswick on Route one on the salad. Downside. It's a collision in the left lane, right by Livingston Avenue, and delays are building up behind it on the parkway Traveling south down just before the Driscoll bridge remnants of an accident over on the right shoulder. Turnpike top to bottom. That is a good ride. Troubles continue in Newark on the south, down side of one of nine the express lanes coming the Wilson Avenue. It's an accident lock in the left lane. Local lanes also slow through the area and troubles and Hanover Township in Morris County. On the eastern side of Route 10. It's a water main break the right two lanes around of service, just east of 2 87 and a full closure now of 206 environs Township. Don't be both ways there Tamarack Road That is because of an accident under investigation. Crossing the Hudson G W Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, No problems, leaving the Garden State by the 10 minutes, leaving New Jersey The Holland Tunnel from the turnpike. More like 15 minutes from Route one and nine traffic every 15 minutes. You're next, reported 7 33 Mike Barker on New Jersey. 101.5 Big Joe Henry. You received your jersey when no one gets a updated time on the side of the road that, says 15 Miles Yeah. Looking. Got him well, and we're going down. Got man. Chrysler Cary Grant George Box money. It's better that way. Room with back field. Fucking Next to nothing. Jimmy. Just get down. My advice. Learn the biggest well, it's something that God may concede the back 20. So come on and bring your jukebox money. Wait. I got a lot of sugar. They does that. Hair? Yeah. You're good. Oh, Rest. That left that Garden state is filled with love this Valentine's weekend. It's all love songs all weekend long. New Jersey one of 1.5. Hi, You're on the big Joe Love fest is this Yes. Memory? What's that? You want to hear? Tonight? Cane will be Father. Wait, brother and better myself. Same line, Missy and where you guys call it from? Thanks for the card in New Jersey with a 1.5. Oh, my.

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