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The store was filled with good will why did the chicken crossed the road and new hampshire may be a better question would be aware as state lawmakers consider making it illegal to let you were chickens wander onto someone else's property that becomes law far better that you let your chickens come home to roost drills you'd run afoul of the law he's been dead for over two months now and they still haven't decided what to do with the body in fact it'll be more than another month before competing claims of a son a grandson a pen pal and memorabilia collectors are all sorted out to see who winds up with the body of charles manson the others of their a big to do about who gets to have chuck it went up for auction in scottsdale arizona a skyblue 1960 line cadillac deville convertible v eight automatic transmission which had been altered to include a fully functional hot tub of fact the guy who shelled out over twenty six grand now owns wealthy guinness book of world records officially certifies as the world's fastest hot tub i guess that's bragging rights right see your laws like homes need spring cleaning now and they had the toss out the outdated drunk and so house majority whip john edwards of the rhode island state houses targeting so rhode island laws which just may about live their usefulness such as the law against arranging to beat another person to fight the law against testing the speed of a horse on a public road or the law limiting the amount of seaweed residents of barrington rhode island may take from the beach to fertilize their law hyun's the law which requires those passing on the left to make an audible signal honking or shouting and then there's the law against interfering with torpedo practice at the goat island naval base e the laws that we have sometimes the belief that ends in the news when we come back we'll chat with jazz flutist sherry winds about her new cookbook at a good deal more than that stay with us on the bohannon show next live and local with tom anderson in the mornings and ab dembosky in the afternoons kvnt 1020 am and ninety two point five fm a cbi media group station this year the municipality of.

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