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Things are done in the Balkans. You use public money to redistribute them to your crony. That for work or companies and then use it in political purposes and so on. And now, he says, this is made easier with money from a rising superpower eager to wield its influence globally. Earlier this spring, Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Abbott Soviet told the press he was open to launching an investigation into alleged corruption among members of the previous government over the Chinese built highway. But that was before he stopped speaking to the international press before his government entered into talks with Beijing over how to repay the money it owes China and so far no such corruption investigation has been launched. Rob Schmitz. NPR news both Dorita This is NPR news. This is listener funded listener supported W N. Y. C Today in the Brian Lehrer Show Congressman Al Green on a less Payard breaks down the recent news from D C, including details of the infrastructure deal. That's today. Coming up at 10 o'clock this morning, or 93.9 FM in Am 8 2078 Sunny this morning in Manhattan, But we're going to have a heat advisory all the way until eight o'clock tomorrow night. Temperatures up near 100. Stay cool. It's 8 30. W N. Y C supporters include the John S and James L. Knight Foundation dedicated to promoting informed and engaged communities and committed to helping public radio advance quality journalism in the digital age. More at.

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