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Way have other things you want to talk to as well, including this guy. He's actually very serious. Now. If this happens look out first, though, Here's Leslie Hi, Leslie. Yes, it is normal for a living. But you see my name before? Yes, I have in town. How you doing? I'm listening to your show, and I want to call you and say hi. I'm just passing the consumers. River Boulevard Mile stop grounds. No, thank you. Leslie, are you you say you're out here from Florida? Yes, I am interested for a number of days and I want to ask you. I want all those peachy shirts like you've got eyes. Isn't that great? It's funny. It's a It's a sweatshirt that I got in. And anyone from 13 years old to 60 years old seems to like that in resonate with that, But I It popped up one day, Leslie I was on. I think I know Instagram or something, and this thing popped up on this says my gosh, Look at this. It's a peachy sweatshirt. I need that insistence. The son he had to have it. I got it online and you could get them online. You could find him out here. Probably all over the place. I'm sure that Okay, So, yeah. You know, you have a name from your I guess you little after party shows you do it. Your place there? Yeah, Facebook. You haven't done any of those little while I haven't done that. I don't know. It's been about a month. For some reason. I just gave myself a little break for second. And I guess everyone else, right? But I'm going to get back to it. Leslie, I want to get back because I'm actually missing it a lot. And I was any good responses from its arm. I'm gonna go back on. Oh, great responses on the left. I wanted to say hi. How you doing? Love You show. Thank you Listening. Well, some here and Ah, thank you for having a Leslie the fact that you're in town and he gave us a call the fact that you living in Florida and you listen to the show. Ah, very, very grateful. Alright, I thank you so much, Leslie. You talking to man? Thanks. How nice is that? Kendall listens in Florida. Comes into Sacramento gives us a call. Man. We're not syndicated. Yet, but but it kind of seems like that. At times we had so many nice calls. Now he calls in Pennsylvania, New Mexico. I mean everywhere. It's really great. I do love that. That peachy sweatshirt, though everyone had those peachy folders in school. Everyone had you get your Breguet her binder. Nice buying every school. Then you get those peachy folders to like two for 25 cents of parents that could afford him. You would write all over him standing about Roman Gabriel. Today's birthday 80 years old. I could write that I draw that Ram helmet and Roman gave my Pee Chee folder turn the football player on their into arino into Roman Gabriel anyhow. Uh yeah. So People. So we're talking about Donald Trump there for second and the fact that Facebook and Twitter of removed team Trump And now We have another threat from this guy. I used to be a huge fan of Robert De Niro. I thought his movies you know, movies like Raging Bull is still probably If not my favorite movie, certainly tied with my favorite movie. I hated so many good movies, gangster movies that I really enjoyed. I was very much into De Niro movies. And Danny starts doing like, Meet the Faulkner's or the just movies that I just Nah, come on. Now you're trying to pay some bills. And I wouldn't go see his movies just cause they just weren't the same style as I was used to. With Robert De Niro. And then, of course, then there was the Infamous. What was it at the Ah Whatever awards show that was One of the many awards shows that I don't watch. And for reasons like this Remember when they introduced speaking to trouble remember, they introduce Roberts and narrow that I'm gonna say one thing. Trump. Remember that night? Soon as Robertson Nero said that Like you know what? Same thing to you, pal. And I'll care who the president is. Same thing to you. The complete and utter disrespect. And they just wanna watch these shows. Because of things like that, You know, they got the fabulous It's fabulous and wonderful. Hey, and.

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