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There tons of things we could do, and you know the other thing that I've seen a lot of fruit. Sir John is the. Difference that daily. Exercise, and by moving in the same place when we're working, I know same thing happens to me I. Try to hit that three day a week mark as long as I'm working out three days a week. It's going to be okay, but really what we want to do is do less time on more days of the we. All the research indicates that. Half an hour on more days of the week is is better than three days of the week at an hour an hour twenty minutes when. Ten minute intervals. I loved him. MINUTE INTERVALS for my own self I have an Apple Watch now. Really helps me when I can I think before I got my Apple Watch and I I'm not plugging apple specifically. I know they're Spitz and there's all kinds of other gadgets everything that people can get but. Before I think I felt like Oh that five or ten minutes was just frittered away. It wasn't adding up to anything, but now that I can see definitively that the ten minute intervals throughout the day stretched out are adding up to thirty minutes at the end of the day, and a certain amount of calories burn I. think that really helped me to change my perspective on the ten minute interval So now, I really try to get it in where wherever I can't. Even if it's ten minutes, you know I prefer to have to fifteen minutes. Because that helps to get your heart rate little into that that Levek more consistently, but before I think my mentality. Was You know it's? It's gotta be done at once and and then, of course. Sundays, you can't do that, so then he was. Give it entirely. And now my mentality is much more like it's way better to be doing this route today fee standing up more throughout the day be getting those five or ten minutes chunks in all throughout the day and more consistently, every day will be yeah. Yeah, it's so for people who don't have children yet and Chris..

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