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In the wbz newsroom at a white house ceremony today president trump did not comment on the controversy surrounding his reported vulgar description of immigrants from eighty and africa earlier on twitter he denied saying anything derogatory at a meeting in the oval office yesterday state senator linda nursing a four you first generation asianamerican called the president's comments demoralizing end up setting health officials in new hampshire are reporting five flu related deaths among adults in the granted state a dangerous blue is spreading rapidly across the country escalating flu season earlier than usual wall street the dow up two hundred points nasdaq up forty two and the s a b five hundred is up sixteen a new hampshire woman is convicted on multiple charges including negligent homicide after her mother is found dead on the floor lying in her own waste catherine saint till brown was found guilty days after her daughter was sentenced to two to four years on similar charges now both were accused of leaving seventyfiveyearold nancy parker on the floor of a record or home in 2016 brown's is to be sentenced at a later date after months of debate over some controversial monuments in new york city it seems now that most of them are staying right where they are unleashing like the bait about confederate statues grew to include other figure with controversial histories like christopher columbus his statue at the foot of columbus avenue is staying so is teddy roosevelt outside the american museum natural history and french nazi collaborator on refunding potenza name played on broadway the city will add clarifying historical information to each marker the only statue of victory was that of j marion seems a gynaecologist who experimented on black slave women his statue will be moved from central park the brooklyn cemetery where he's berry aaron katersky abc news new york wbz news time one fiftieth state police trooper hurt this morning after risk cruiser was struck by a tractor trailer truck on the mass pike in framing ham the impact bushley the marked suv over the guardrail and into the woods the.

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