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We're the WCM Maryland us at our man charging fatal hit and run in Telsim and Baltimore inches closer to three hundred homicides. Details are those stories and other local news following the Fox News at the top of the hour. It's now nine o'clock. Stay connected with stimulating talk. Breaking news on talkradio. Six hundred eighty double new CD, Baltimore and wcbMcom. He won't let President Trump sit down for an interview with a special counsel. I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News over my dead body. But you know, I could be dead. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani says the Muller probes gone too far investigating business records from the nineteen eighties. Fox's John decker live at the White House Rudy Giuliani. President Trump's personal lawyer on Fox News Sunday continuing to slam special counsel, Robert Muller and his investigation of the president which has now lasted for more than a year and a half. They went from collusion to obstruction no evidence. Now campaign finance no violation of the law. No matter who's right about what they said. It's no violation of the law last week. The president's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen getting a three year prison sentence for campaign finance violations and lying to congress. Dave Johnny lied to congress over his Russia contacts Democrats plan to further investigate Trump business dealings when they take control and the house next year. President Trump tweeted the Michael Cohen a rat. And at the FBI illegally broke into Cohen's office on a raid in April. Now, former FBI director James Comey tweeted back that the president is lying Komi. We'll be back in the capital next hour face more questions in private from House Republicans about the Trump and Clinton investigations it's all about Jim Komi, and he thinks the rules. Don't apply to him. You can just go to last week where he said he got away with not following the rules when they interviewed Mike Flynn GOP. Congressman Jim Jordan Flynn, the former national security advisor pleaded guilty to line the FBI. But an issue before tomorrow's sentencing Flynn, the FBI pushed for him not to have a lawyer present. But the special counsel responded Flynn agreed to that end chose not to tell the truth. President Trump also tweeted Obamacare's high deductibles hurt families badly this days after a federal judge ruled Obamacare's unconstitutional. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer told NBC's meet the press, we're going to fight this tooth and nail. But the president wrote a supreme court decision upholding. The ruling would lead to great healthcare for Americans..

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