Camus Camus discussed on Artificial Intelligence (AI Podcast) with Lex Fridman


Thoughts sometimes painful thoughts. Angry thoughts or thoughts in general can be very different like fantasies, for example. You can fantasize like sexual fantasies. You can fantasize. I was just the humor sake wanted to mention stuff but then people think I'm serious. So I'm not going to mention anything. But sexual fantasies and then I know there's people that have sexual fantasy and they don't want to actually do that in real life. That sexual fantasy serves some kind of purpose in imagination only. And that same way suicide might serve a purpose in imagination only is very unlikely to lead to action. And yet there's other thoughts that may be a more amorphous that do lead to action. And that leap, yeah, that boy, that's a fascinating and that's such a philosophically powerful thought to not exist. Like that question, that's this archer or Camus Camus. Who says basic question of why live? Good question. So that's a great question, actually. And there are other related questions. Some people may have the thought of suicide. Because there seems no point, there's no joy in life. That's one reason that some people can put forward. Sometimes it's not just the absence of joy. There's an active pain and active psychic pain and some people. And that, the inescapability of that is enough to drive the thoughts of suicide. And then there are interpersonal and cultural reasons as well that can show up. But the act, this act of ending of the self is in all these cases, there's no real way to study this in animals, no other animal as far as we know that we can study. Has this concept of, this is myself, the situation is not tolerable, therefore I will end the self. To our knowledge this is not something that can be studied in other animals. So it remains this..

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