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I really can't stand him. I can't send like I think that it's paulie mysteriously disappeared because two girls women captured him and locked him up and throw away the key to girls were sisters and who some morning show, and they're both beautiful and skinny and really smart, then I think Alex and Juliet could stand a chance yet Paul real an Alex for like a grown man is so easily influenced by user cousin degenerate who gets arrested like please, you have men, Alex. I can't st-. Paulie pain. Well, that's all we got any other shows we want to recap. No, no. He's not tonight. I'm so excited. I watched half of low ham beach club nothing to this guy's about five minutes before siesta key the girl who slapped the other girl who soft was completely wrong as she fired for stopping it doesn't look like it will now. Yeah. And like it was really sad. And then all the girls where they sitting with the slot Bor and laughing about the girl who just got inside. And then she was alone. And the reason why she saw tears because I guess this car was interested in some I and they were all walking pass them at the club in the girl like kiss, my most sheikhs and said, hi like choosing being so extra. She was given because it said Hello is this people just really want a second season and they're working hard for it houses. Does they were hard for that second and third season. Right. They never have guarantees into. They always give it their new and I'm down for everyone working hard for it as long as like the right calls are being made in Justice being served the slapper and the sloppy don't get treated the same. Just we're in the slap. Oh, by slobber needs harsher punishment, and the sloppy you Robin drama. Why were you? But like you were. Soffer you're the sloppy. Like, how's your face? Yeah. Well, that's all we got to maros episode. We'll be podcast only picture to look out for that. We'll put it up in the morning at noon. So in about thirty minutes, I am releasing presale tickets on Peter on for to my California shows in Irvine and brea my second Houston show. Tickets are going on sale. My second Greenville, South Carolina show. Tickets are going on sale. If you're not a patriot member you might miss out if any of them sell out, so maybe just become one in the next thirty minutes. And then cancel it. That's all I got for you. I think sweet follow me say Acura on the job belly. I check your problems and Publico job. He is so fucking premium and he's gonna make a million dollars next year. You Mark my words, I really look forward to that. Because I get like half. Thank you guys so much for being I get ten percent. We'd love you. And we will see you to actually Jackie seat Friday. I'll see you Tuesday. Oh, yeah.

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