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Ignoring Justice second that completely terrible and brutal garnish of this whole situation. What eight the most about these creepy damyean monsters other screwing with my podcasts. It's like fine another planet. The bull your something. My dude podcasting is tough enough already. Howdy. I'm Jeff Goldsmith. And this is the QNA. My gender is simple. Each week. I plan to bring you in depth insights into the creative process of storytelling, folks. Fear. Not I could use my big boy voice because then monsters ain't real. But I'll tell you what Israel. I had co writers, Brian woods and Scott Beck. Join me to chat about their latest film. A quiet place to film was complete success. And a great nail biting horror, flick and woods and Beck were WGN nominated along with their co writer and film's director John Christine Christie. Another fascinating factoid is that woods and Belk have been longtime listeners of this podcast, something they chose to tell me the minute. I shut my mic soft. And that means that they technically cheated because they knew. Over half my damn questions. But it's always great to have podcast listeners reached the stage. And I think this makes them the sixteenth or seventeenth time. That's happened. It might even be the eighteenth. I've kind of lost count. But I was quite pleased to hear that they tune in. So that's a good thing to look their film really resonated with audiences worldwide. And they were quite forthcoming about their creative process. So I know you'll dig this episode and speaking of things to dig we recently published issue thirty five of backstory magazine, and it features a vice cover story with writer director, Adam McKay, he takes us behind the scenes in a forty six hundred words spoiler specific interview, all about his truly original script,.

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