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Thursday the 8th of June hazy sunshine and 71 now as we head up near Good afternoon, I'm Mark Lewis with the top local stories we're following this hour and it's once again our unhealthy air at the top of our news. Well it's not exactly a purple haze but the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government says the air quality today for the DC region is a code purple that's worse than code red meaning the air is very unhealthy for everyone and there are areas across our region this afternoon where the air quality at times has hit the worst designation of code maroon today that means the air is Hazardous all of this is coming from smoke from those Canadian wildfires the smoke can cause a sore throat irritate your sinuses or eyes you could have lower Airways involvement like coughing wheezing shortness of breath dr. Schreiber Rachel with Schreiber allergy in Rockville says with the poor air quality we're seeing they're most concerned about people with chronic diseases like asthma COPD cardiac disease pregnant women she encourages anyone who can to avoid spending a lot of time outside and up for indoor exercising for now this is not the data bike to work also shorten those dog walks until things clear up you're walking your dog outside you're getting exposed your dog is getting exposed Mike Murillo WTOP news despite the warnings about the air many folks are still exercising outside in the middle of a six -mile run with her friend Carol Curry says she's aware of the warnings well we love running but we took into consideration all that and we're just running very easy and we decided we cut it short if it felt more difficult it hasn't so health experts say everyone especially people with respiratory issues should not exercise outside in these conditions and if you do have to be outside an n95 mask is recommended Kyle Cooper WTOP news due to the poor air the National Zoo is closed today today's Nationals game which was set to get underway in about an hour has been postponed until June 22nd and some area school districts are once again canceling outdoor activities that includes Fairfax County and Arundel County and Prince William County after activities school in Prince William that are held indoors are not affected check out the complete list at WTOP .com of course there's a jam -packed weekend schedule ahead here in the nation's pride festival event if you're wondering how the air quality will affect your plans Chris Rodriguez the director of the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency says don't cancel plans just yet. According to the National Weather Service we should begin to see improvements in our air over quality the next couple days and into the weekend so we do expect those events to continue and move forward. The show must go on the Capitol Pride concert returns to DC this Sunday it's a happening from noon until 10 o 'clock the music is hitting three stages near the US Capitol the Washington Monument and DuPont Circle. The Capitol stage Third at Street in Pennsylvania Avenue will feature LGBTQ plus artists and allies including the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington. It's your chance to see Shanice! Debbie Gibson and Frozen star Idina Menzel.

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