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You do all sorts of things. Does this work across all of those different areas. Yes absolutely and that's partly why came up with this method. Because i do work across all those different media. I don't think i would be able to work So much across all these different media. If i wasn't organized if i didn't have everything together as it were and i should say i'm not perfect. Sometimes i do allow things to get off of me and our. I've taken on a bit too much hair. Or i've not giving myself enough time to really do the best job that i could on this particular gig but certainly i wouldn't have been able to do all those different things if i wasn't fairly organized if i didn't use this system to keep track of into stay on top of all my deadlines and schedule do you ever have that thing with as a project that just absolutely dreading and you cannot bring yourself to start it once you do. It's probably quite easy. But it's that initial thing have to start this thing that i just don't want to do. And how do you conquer that. That happens to me. I would say all the time but yes i mean just as susceptible to that as any other writer. It certainly has happened to me. That's eight is something that's i mean. Nobody enjoys it. But that is where my a philosophy that i call just right comes into place and that is based around the maxim that any writing is easier to revise by even the worst writing in the world is it is easier to revise that than it is to ride in the first place and so i subscribed to a theory that if you just write anything even if it's terrible even if you know it's dreadful even if you're not enjoying it just get the words down on the page then once you've worked through the first draft. They searched zero draft. As i call it you can then go and revises and all you're doing then he's making it better so that's a much more enjoyable process and you may well find as so often happens. That's when you come to reread it. You realize that actually wasn't as bad as you thought it just felt bad at the time partly because you weren't enjoying doing it but this again comes down to discipline and Having that sort of determination to get through the initial draft. Because like i say from that point on all you're doing is improving it and who doesn't love. I speak to so many writers one question. I often ask. Them is what they're listening to when they right. So for instance unlike as it may seem elif shafat listens to heavy metal and other people listen to music. That's relevant cups to to the work that they're doing well something that just comes some ambient musical something. Do you think that that's a good idea or is that just yet another distraction. No i think that's a a completely personal thing. I listen to music all the time. While i'm writing and i actually don't think it's that unusual for somebody to listen to heavy metal. Because i do that as well. I listened to a lot of Called drone black metal. While i'm working that's rather nishi s But i also listen to lots of classical lots of movie soundtracks. Lots of techno ambient. Brian eno. And or tech kerr and people like that. I mainly listened to stuff either without lyrics or in the case of the black metal without discernible lyrics Because that means that yes it's the words aren't distracting me as i'm writing but no i listen to music all the time because music.

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