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NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Good morning. We broke another record over the weekend. Saturday was ninety four yesterday was ninety three in Denver. Our seventh consecutive day yesterday of temperatures in the ninety s we've now tied that record and we should break. Three this afternoon have to make it to ninety five to tie today's record tonight. A few clouds will keep it dry low sixty tomorrow, mostly sunny record tomato is ninety three again. We'll be really close and tomorrow's notable because it should be our final in the nineties eighties coming our way Wednesday and then Thursday Friday closer to normal with from CBS four I'm Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Nice light blue skies sixty five right now. The Denver tech center. Now on Colorado's morning news more flooding expected in the Carolinas and tropical depression, Florence is forcing more people out that I'm getting outta here. Tomorrow by mid day, one in many citizens who feel like that right now Jim Ryan is in Wilmington North Carolina where flooding is essentially cut off the town joins us live right now. Good morning, Jim. Good morning Marty. Yeah. There's places essentially was. An island over the weekend. Rain just continued wouldn't let it finally flooded out the streets the highways any route into or out of this community. And yes, he was cut off for a couple of days. The rain has subsided. At least for now, although threatening clouds are overhead of standing right alongside the Cape. Fear river, it's flowing south today. It's moving away with low tied down for the Atlantic later today when high tide comes it'll flow north and may exceed its banks all up and down. The course of the Cape. Fear river there are threats of flooding and new threats brought by Florence's well, a tropical depression up at Raleigh Durham about one hundred thirty miles from inland. There is a tornado warning at this moment, Marty North Carolina Governor ROY Cooper warned residents yesterday that the storm has never been more dangerous than it is right now sounds like flooding continues in the days ahead. So you.

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