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Don't you like how he threw a boss in at the end. Like, he says enough in two languages, of course, it didn't matter. How many times he said enough Brexit is still hopelessly unresolved? That's it hopeless hopeless punishment purgatory. That's what breaks it feels like which reminded me of something else that conveys the feeling of this messy on again off again, geopolitical divorce. Let's go we can't why not waiting for. Waiting for Godo Samuel Beckett wrote this play in French and translated into English more than a half century before anyone after the word Brexit. It's two characters are unable to make any decision whatsoever. Because they feel the need to wait for the arrival of someone else a savior, call Godot who spoiler alert never arrives hopeless, permanent purgatory. What do we do? What will we do? There's nothing we can do. But I can't go on like this. Would you like radish is that all there is there radishes and turnips? Okay. It's bleak are there. No carrots. It's art. No. Anyway, you overdo it with your carries, which for me makes it less bleak thinking me a radish. Plus it was written by an Irishman in French black. Maybe it is about Brexit. It's a radical only like the pink ones, you know, that then you don't want it only like the pink one then give it back to me. I'll go and get a carrot for the world. I'm Patrick Cox. This is becoming really insignificant not enough Samuel Beckett. A playwright way ahead of his time..

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