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Or do you want to be in Beloit? Wisconsin granted he'd have millions of dollars in this pocket and being bullet Wisconsin, which make him a bigger baller than someone on a roster of many other NFO players with that gotta gash. But but you know, what I'm saying like that lifestyle. He's looking over at his buddy Baker Mayfield. And he's saying I could get endorsement deals. I can immediately be at the highest level of sport versus the slog and the risk that never make in the baseball world. This. You'll make decision easy for me here. How far is Beloit from from Milwaukee? 'cause I do love Milwaukee. I mean, that's a suddenly if I can be a millionaire, Milwaukee, right? But you could also be in other. No, arizona. Nice place. Yeah. There there are plenty of nice places on the list form. And I think the funniest part about all of this. When you when you think about it is we're all going to be watching every every second of his measurement because it's all about his height. Right. And to your point becomes in closer to five ten than he does five eight his draft stock is going to go up. The only thing that I think is probably about that is that's something. He's probably know the answer to like, I mean, I don't know how much you can grow in the next couple of months. But if I'm if I'm Kyla Marie? I'm sitting down or standing up with my people up against the wall. Doing the thing. Mom, did when you were little with those stretching machines right where you hang upside down. I mean, you're looking at it you stand next to the wall you measure, it you're like five eight nine I'm going to play for the as if it comes out five ten let's see where this about. Well, I'll tell you. What though your buddy Baker who I just mentioned is certainly making a case for let's not put too much stock into size in ways that we used to your buddy drew Brees over there. Russell Wilson's having success. Right. So maybe not as much as we used to do. We think it's impossible to succeed. What's what is interesting fits is? He needs to declare by January fifteenth for the draft. That's easy to do. It. Doesn't rope him into anything? But he would need to report to as in February. So does he go to baseball? Or does he go to the combine the pro days, the individual workouts, and if the as allow him to go to those football activities, which would require permission from MLB are they doing so not because they want him to catch the bug of football. But maybe to show up at the combine realize these undersize realized he's you know, maybe outmatched there and come tail between its legs back to baseball versus denying him that opportunity and forcing him to make a decision because if he's straddling both worlds, there are a lot of football teams that might say we're not going to take a risk using pick on him. Exactly, right. It is that they're letting him go to the he can go there and find out for himself.

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