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Right happens as you're applying the brakes and it gets worse allowed her as you come to a stop especially a hard stop like coming down a hill is that what you right right and as a car's going real slow it gets to get louder sounds like you have a problem with your brakes well the shade tree mechanic who put in the brake pads didn't turn the roeder's and he was telling me thought it was because of the glaze on there and if this is the case i'm wondering it does it matter can i just let this go or is it something that's you know going to be a serious problem it's a curious thing that almost all other parts of the car when they make peculiar noises they usually are an indication that something is imminently going to fall apart break fall off the car or causa terrible accident right except in the case of breaks breaks can make all kinds of crazy noises and sounds and most of the time it doesn't mean that all those terrible things are going to happen it's breaks like that i never thought of it until this very moment i never thought of much no think of anything until i hear myself say you know that's bull well reactionist thank god i didn't i say this actually is true this is true i don't know if it's true i would guess that the guy put this shade tree mechanic of yours put in new pads and there you have disgraced on four wheels for those that don't know and he put in new paths but he did not replace resurface the disks bet he did not put in the factory pads either no i bought 'em myself at a at a auto supply store actually i bought the best ones they had in their lifetime warranty but will they the nine bucks.

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