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Well we have now the sl we had the civil rights pimps coming out of the woodwork now he sa yes up up he has a boycott are ya of the martin luther king junior parada he ever because the governor abbott a radical right wing ghana will be at the rally let me first tell you something this is the most embarrassing thing i i mean this unembarrassed as an art texan i am embarrassed you know why we pull a big coo day ta and get toyota the come down here i am a huge toward a fan personally far as the vehicle okay let's get that straight i'm a toyota man really but we land toyota we get them here we take them from the comedies in california and we bring them here and i still don't know exactly where their headquarters are i of my wife and i houses for day we went to i kia in frisco trust me was not my idea genoa i'm glad i'm grateful i did a wonderful evening together just me and her and wait the swiss meatballs etcetera and i i know i'm always like where is the had toyed headquarters i'm on gone up on the tollway their north and i 121 on where the heck is either right around here where is still on the weren't is i don't know where it is i don't work i don't know hey dr phil is he coming out for oprah side by right doctor phil do you support oprah are you a big fan of hurts what the hell are you thank you dr for i.

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