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President Trump, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen discussed on Houston's Morning News


Trump blocks. Good morning. I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Kushinka on this Friday, January eighteen thanks for joining us. Here's what we have for you this hour at the last minute. President Trump says house speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot use a military plane to travel with a delegation to Afghanistan report from BuzzFeed says the president directed personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress about a Moscow tower project. A winter storm that pummeled California is making its way to the upper midwest today, and then could dump as much as forty inches of snow on parts of New England, and what to do when your personal identity theft defects. How you do your job at the office or a lot of folks disbelieved into their professional life. Some initial analysis of data from the identity theft resource center found that about one in three victims who have experienced difficulties at work as a result of identity theft that happened to them in their personal lives. Kelli grant that CNBC dot com on a personal problem becoming a professional one. She's here in about twenty minutes. The political battle between President Trump and house speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone to the next level over the partial government shutdown a day after she proposed that Mr. Trump delay his state of the union address during the closure. He responded by postponing her use of a military plane to travel with the delegation to Afghanistan the two parties are at an impasse over funding for a border wall, while many Democrats in the house and Senate would like to make a deal speaker Pelosi will not let them negotiate the party has been hijacked by the open borders fringe within the party Virginia democratic Senator Tim Kaine was upset with the president's move. This guy is so unbelievably Patty, then this is bullies everywhere are petty insecure people, and that's what this move demonstrates. Several members of the delegation were reportedly already sitting in a bus that would take him to Andrews Air Force base when they. Received news of the postponement. Mr. Trump reminded MRs Pelosi that flying commercial was still an option. Here's what gets lost in the fight over funding for the border wall or border security. This wouldn't be the first time we ever built border barriers or beefed up security. There's already fencing along as much as six hundred ninety miles of the border between the US and Mexico and the number of border agents has almost tripled in the past two decades immigration reporter, Steph kite at axios says that's still leaves more than half of the almost two thousand mile border uncovered she's got a breakdown. Steph take us through this around two thousand miles long and there's fencing around on around six hundred and ninety miles of supporter, of course, as I said, not all of that is what prevent people from crossing the border. Some of it is only intended to stop cars, but can be climbed through by people areas along the border that has no various and there places where. Maybe the fencing all those are the areas where the Trump administration wants. More areas those areas that the president is often talking about when he talks about the need for a law with regards to the types of barrier. That's up that's meant to stop vehicles and not pedestrian stuff. I assume you could just walk through or around is that in a like particularly remote area where people might not be on foot. Anyway, it is certainly we've seen most of the pedestrian barriers near city for sure. So we seem taller walls that would be more difficult for people time to where there are bigger cities on either side. The. Would stop vehicles are as you said more in the more remote areas where there probably wouldn't be as many people car. We're speaking with Steph kite immigration reporter at axios. She's got a good piece entitled what the fight over Trump's border. Is really? For about fourteen miles. There are three layers of fencing. How does that work? So in some areas along the border there is more than one row fencing where they don't over the years a couple of different layers prevent again too. So people down to I kept seeing across the border and would be the idea behind that. There's about fourteen miles where they're three layers of fencing and for about thirty six miles there are two layers of Russian fencing. Wow. So that's that's not fencing built on top of itself. That's you'd have to hop or climb or get a ladder to get over three different types of. Wow. What else stood out as you're piecing this together? Well, I think one of the things that has become difficult, especially as Republicans have been trying to negotiate with Democrats and figure out what they can compromise on is the fact that Trump has change exactly what he requested so many times even over the past year. He's changed his budget request from twenty five billion dollars eighteen billion dollars. Now. Interesting for interesting that curriculum five billion dollars. And of course, you floated the idea of covering it with solar panels, and he said it needs to be see through and he said it's going to be a conflict law. But then now he's saying what I think part of the issue is that there's been this moving target when it comes to what exactly Trump is demanding for this while. You reference to that to get some of this wall slash fencing slash barrier. The government might have to use eminent domain and take some property that any idea how much that would entail. How many miles of that would be? Doc in how many miles that word required. But we know that already more than a hundred people in Texas have received letters from the government acting that they give them access to their land to look at how and where they could build Trump's border wall there. So we've already seen the beginning of the beginning to be rolled out. And of course, this would likely end up. Could you send lots of lawsuits people aren't going to give up their private property for Trump's Puerto? That's definitely. Doc Washburn weekday capitalize on their national park involved there. Also, right. There's also about one hundred and eighty miles of the border runs through big bend national park, which is a beautiful park with valleys, and it's highly popular and there's been some concern among local local government officials that a wall would negatively impact wildlife. Also, wouldn't look. The park and they're concerned that would be me, but it's already difficult to cross through that area of water. So what would a wall be doing? They're really think. Steph Steph immigration reporter at axios. President Trump's former lawyer reportedly paid a technology firm to try to rig online polls in favor of Mr. Trump in two thousand fifteen the Wall Street Journal says Michael Cohen agreed to pay red Finch fifty thousand dollars for what turned out to be unsuccessful attempts at manipulating polls and head of red Finch says he only received about thirteen thousand dollars in a separate story. Buzzfeed is reporting that President Trump personally, directed Mr. Cohen to lie to congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project instructing him to say negotiations about the project ended months earlier than they actually did current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani says Mr. Cohen is not believable in a related story. Mr. Cohen is now reconsidering his plan to testify before congress. Lanny davis. One of his advisors told MSNBC that Mr. Cohen now feels intimidated by the president let me be very clear here. This is a definition of witness tampering and intimidation and could be. Obstruction of Justice, Mr Cohen agreed last week to appear before a congressional panel on February seventh he faces three years in prison for among other things lying to congress. It's fifteen minutes now after the hour on This Morning, America's first.

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President Trump, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen discussed on Houston's Morning News

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