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Section for interviews, a section for monologues going, check it out and also sign up for the newsletter. Just put your email address in the box. Click on subscribe. It's free not. GonNa fly mailbox the bunch of stuff. She sent me an email every day Monday through Saturday on what's going to be on the program, so go and check that out as well. We. Tell you the story about a picture. I never heard of named Brian Coon, rapids or coon. Rod I've never heard of them. Don't even Brian at Sam Sam coon Rod, one of Brian I guess because the word giants Brian. He's on the San Francisco giants. Don't know if he's good or not good. I have no clue. I watched baseball and longtime. And again believe I grew up playing baseball. Man I Miss Sports I will not come back if they don't knock off his political garbage. Anyway the headline and Breitbart giants, Pitcher! Sam coon Rod refuses to kneel for MLB's black lives matter moment. I'm a Christian. He's been mercilessly attacked. because he dared stand while everybody else gave him the group think. By the way on the baseball field. On the PITCHER's mound. It has been. painted. With the with the letters, b. l. m.. K.. STORY GOES ON TO SAY SAN. Francisco, Giants Relief Pitcher Sam coon. Rod was the only player who refused to take a knee part of the national anthem Thursday, nor did he bow to the black lives matter agenda. After the Game Kuhn, wrote explained why he refused to join his teammates in supplication to the leftist agenda, saying that he can't kneel before anything besides God. Coon rod also noted that he does not support. The goals of the left is black. Lives Matter Political Agenda Quantum Christian like I said and can't get on board with a couple of things that I have read about black lives matter how they lean towards Marxism and they've said some negative things about the nuclear family coon. Rod Sat according to NBC. Sports, Bay Area I just can't get on board with that. The pitcher added that he didn't make his decision. against kneeling until very near the game, and also did not discuss his intentions with his team. Giants Manager Gabe Kaplan said he supported coon rods choice. The only thing that we said is going to let people express themselves Kappler said after the game. We're going to give them the choice on whether they want. We're going to stand nealer or do something else. That was a personal decision for Sam caption. We are one the video. The demonstration posted social media pointedly did not show coon refusal to participate. The giants lost the game against local rivals Los Angeles dodgers with a one to eight final score should be eight to own why you wanted to aid either way. Brave stances noticeable in the following photo of the pre-game demonstration. I mean. If you have the right to kneel and again. I contend that a sports player. Does not have the right to kneel unless his or her. Team Motor. P management says you can while wearing my uniform neil and take a stand. I don't think that it's appropriate I think that these managers in sports teams. Should all say I think we're up against the break here right on, we do that. We come back one eight, hundred, five, zero, one, seventy eighty. Keep it here. Is across the land, joepags Dot Com facebook, twitter, instagram, email all right there plus the live video feed. It's the weekend with joepags also on the blaze radio or we appreciate you. Check. Out joepags DOT COM and Click on find station. We'll see if we have a station where you are on the Monday through Friday show the JOE pags show which airs nationally as well talking about giants pitcher. Sam coon Reid. Who I'd never heard of before yesterday. Who decided he's not going to stand, or he's not going to kneel. For a an organization, black lives matter. That is a Marxist organization. And also has a problem with the Western nuclear family. He's a Christian. He cited his religion and he has the right to do that. In fact him standing because some people US hiding behind his religion N-. Actually what he did was was more brave. Unless cowardly! Everybody else on the on his team did because we have no idea. whether every player wanted to do that, or if they gave in to, the wo- crowd in the locker room engaged in. You Got Black lives. Matter on NBA Courts get black lives, matter on the pitcher's mound in baseball, and you know damn well. When football starts are going, be black lives matter all over the uniforms. This organization as I said is ingenious that they came up with the name that if you don't say it, you're in trouble. And if you do say, you're now kowtowing to a movement that doesn't want there to be a father, mother and children houses have a problem with that setup the Western nuclear family. They also are pushing an LGBTQ XYZ one-two-three. Agenda? And they don't care about all black lives. In fact, if you're black, an conservative, they don't care about you. If you're black and have been born yet, they don't care about you. If you're black and you're a police officer, then don't care about you. If you're black and you're dying in Chicago every weekend. They don't care about you. Know Black lives matter cares about disrupting dismantling and and ruining. Far Leftist run cities like Minneapolis Portland Seattle. And they care about tearing down American values. So Sam coon Rod. Is the bravest baseball player at least that I know of today. Because had anybody else stood up? They would have had their. Their picture taken to and bleed. He's gone through hell because he dared. Stand up. He has the First Amendment right to not be told. How would he asked to do? And maybe this'll be the impetus. Maybe this will be the start. Of Major League sports saying maybe we shouldn't be taking a standard should just play the game. You're making millions of dollars a year to play a game by the way Dr Ci throughout the First Pitch at the nationals game. This alleged former athlete. Through a horrible pitch that was almost to like the dugout. For the home team. Or the visiting team, it was horrible. But more importantly. He had his mask on right. Then he goes and sits in the stands between two people. Both of them were wearing masks and he's got his mask off. That's the doctor Chee that you guys were all lining up to say is the guy. I'm here to tell you I was always skeptical of skeptical. He said about. Dr Fauci. One Eight, hundred, five, zero, one, seventy eighty JOEPAGS DOT com you go.

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