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Kate shaw summer driving season is near and gas prices are declining in recent weeks oil prices have leveled out and even declined to bid on word that opec may increase supply that in turn has allowed gas prices to drop a few cents now nationwide the average price of regular unleaded sits to ninetyone a gallon down three cents in the past week but still fifty five cents higher than a year ago according to new numbers out from the energy department abc's alec stone on wall street the dow closed up six points the nasdaq gained fourteen you're listening to abc news komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven number one for news good afternoon it is five oh two on a mostly sunny monday afternoon in seattle where we currently have sixty seven degrees i'm elisa jaffe with tom glasco and here are the top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center as early as tomorrow the seattle city council is expected to overturn the head tax that was recently passed into law in a surprising turnaround council president bruce herald says he's heard from a lot of voters recently across the board advocates liberals conservatives moderates they've all questioned a few things question number one whether this is the right strategy to impose a jobs tax if you will for the future varsity number one and number two whether we have convinced the public that we are even spinning spinner money wisely and strategically to address the issue of homelessness mayor jenny durkan says she'll sign a bill to repeal the tax council members shabbat awan calls this announcement of the trail and says she was never notified about the move president trump and kim jong hoon about to meet face to face komo's charlie harger spoke with an expert about the stakes of this meeting this is the highest profile summit between an american president and another world leader in years and harvard university's dr john park is watching with great interest he's the director of the school's career working group from the united states side they wanna to get north korean commitment on denuclearization the north korean perspective they wanna make sure that there is a very strong emphasis on the united states committing to the security of north korea in what is technically viewed as a negative security assurance and that is a north korea us commitment not to attack north korea the.

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