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Didn't come up with that. As a teenage kid he was playing against grown men in Europe. Away from any kind of really media enterprise that would protect him. He was just treated in a re away like you are a man and we're gonna beat the crap body. If you can't take it. Sandwiches so tough and that got revealed that Clipper Siri's When the Clippers win the series, and for maybe five, I think four When I think the Clippers beat the Lakers, and that could be six or seven it it could go either way. I'll inquire Leonard and the Clippers. When the MBA championship this year. We're gonna look back at those two games. Were won by Luca Dodge it and we're going to see a level of greatness. That is going to be as remarkable going forward as a level of greatness is going to arrive for Kwai Leonard. I don't want to belabor this point too long. We're going to hit it aggressively next week when Lakers and Clippers play each other, but just Remember Quiet. Leonard is 29. LeBron James is 35. Hawaiian LeBron play each other in a conference finals. It's gonna feel like I don't think it will be is gonna feel like it's from MBA championship. Is it very well me, maybe Boston or Miami or even Toronto who's going to be waiting for them? In a championship right stands will be L. A team wins the series L. A team wins the whole thing, which isn't going to guarantee, but it's going to likely It's quiet versus LeBron and not just in the way that it always is. When stars play, they're going to guard each other. Quiet. Certainly going to guard LeBron had to shut him down. Her big chunks of the game. If the Clippers with an MBA championship in Kuwait, go through LeBron do it. Six years younger than LeBron James Cole. I will have his many championships as a brothel of three. So I'll be the only player in the history the MBA and LeBron into this year this year to be a finals MVP with three different teams, and I know LeBron went to Cleveland and won a championship for a team that should never have won one. In terms of the organization's history. That's amazing. That is something not everything, but that is a pretty big feather in the cap is you try to put together a legacy resume. What is going to if he wins this here for two teams with the wrappers in the Clippers. The Clippers won in MBA championship. Is no different. No different than the next one in MBA championship. Agent will be celebrated the same way because the focus on New York and the that part of the country over the rest of the country. Bob, you sterling. Absolutely. There's a case was a worse owner. Then the Knicks owner And while I understand is New York City and like bringing a champion if there's a really big deal, Los Angeles is a pretty big city, too. And they have been in the shadow of the Lakers forever. You want to go to l A. You go to the Lakers. Nick's Haven't had that problem. It's not like everybody went to the Nets. Like that. The next thing you know, I mean, Dolan's a problem, but to be fair, people always want to play in Jersey, so they just went over Jersey in Brooklyn now. The Clippers about every disadvantage you can ask for. And there's been no solution. If Cole Islanders disillusion, he's an all time great. He'll go from being wherever you have now. 2032 a top 33 player of all time. At least of them striking distance so much riding on The play offs from a legacy perspective. And the Clippers will probably be the team. There's a lot of basketball ago. Don't get me wrong. Clippers are by far the best team in the N B. A. We saw last night 855 to 1 to four. CBS is the phone number. 855 to 1 to four. CBS is the phone number If you want to weigh in on Kel Ivers is LeBron The certainty of the Clippers winning Anything you want to.

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