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As either media center that we've been into this far. It's just I don't know if it's just because we're in Europe and it's right, got Europe. Europe, putting thing on instead of PGA have America or Ryder Cup USA or close personal friend US j. or whoever. But in general, media accommodations, nowhere near what I've seen the US or at the PJ of America. And also I have to point out of that. We are the furthest away media outlet, but as ever been put into immediate center and not only that, but our little like booth thing that they gave us in the back is in like this corner, and you have to go through a bunch of other media outlet booths to get to it. And so we're basically like all the heat has for some whatever reason been like pushed into this little corner. So we're literally in like a four foot by four foot sweatshop in the back in the knees. So don't love that. I only saw that not it sounds like they just jumped the the American media and they gave delay do all the other American media companies have a horrible, horrible accommodations. I feel like the Ryder Cup Europe is like, fuck these guys. Which turned daddy. That's a great question. If that were the case, I would respect it. I would totally understand it and I and that's fine. It's US against your up. That's what we're doing here. That's the whole thing. I don't know. We spent so little time in there because of how disgusted we were by their lack of hospitality that I didn't even have time to investigate where the American outlets were versus the European outlets. I will say that I saw a bunch of like BBC news tags very close to the front of the media center, and that's not where barstool sports is. I'll tell you that much, so it is a little bit curious. Very curious, the media centers have these huge large, you know, TV screens, right? So you can see what's going on. Obviously you can do your job from in there and from where rigs and barstool sports is sent a little. You know, our spot is in the picture. It looks smaller than what you're it's his hotel room, the TV look, they make your so far away that that like eighty foot TV looks like an iphone screen. Brady, no joke. I need a pair of documents in the media center to see the screen in the media. I can't even. I don't know what they're putting on. Can't read it. You legitimately can't read it wherever sitting you have to go outside of our sweatshop booth in the back. Right. And you have to like walk five rose up to even see what's on the screen. Yeah. I mean, listen, like you said, I would totally respect that you're on their soil. You wanna show up to their place and you want to cover their golf course. They're gonna stick you in the sauna, but if they're not doing that, it's just like they just fucked up and they just didn't. You know, live up to the standards of what we've been accustomed to here in America. And with our close personal friend, the USDA and the PD of America. And like you just said the amazing amenities. We have Klondike bars. We have stuff we have. We have snicker ice cream bars everywhere you walked the starburst pairs on her, you know. You know, chicken, chicken nuggets, and chicken fingers. I was eating salads. I was eating salad. I had tuna fish everyday. I don't wanna make your mouth. Listen, you're in France. All right. I wanna stop this actually right here. You're in France who's sitting on a God damn balcony, sip and red wine in verse. I. I think you can take, you know, not the best amenities when you're on the golf course at the Ryder Cup. Let me tell you this. I'll give you an example. The food is so bad. At the media accommodation centre that Logan, I just ordered Domino's, oh, shit. Yeah. Ricochet Sean dominant side. We're basically in verse I and we just ordered Domino's. Now, you know, frankly, we've gotten into this debate before I love Domino's. I think Domino's delicious. However, when you're in a new place, yeah, you like to venture out a little bit. You like to dabble get a little bit of cultural experience. All that. We're so scarred by our experience at the Ryder Cup, Europe provided media cafeteria that we just ordered to medium pepperoni and sausage pizza pies from Domino's, and we couldn't be more excited about anything about it. Yeah, not great at look for the for French cuisine, next nails. I can't even think of the French French French toast. Yeah, right here. I gotta ask you. I saw that pizza, or are you from sauce or whatever? Is that pizza that good race, I'm not. I'm not even fucking around the. I know how suspect that review is for people that don't understand. You know, I film Dave porno e pizza every single day of down four. Hundred and fifty reviews. We go to every single place in America. It feels like nonstop. I, I started my life out of pizzaria with my mother. My dad, then I finally ventured out and now I, I'm, I'm still doing pizza. I just can't get away from pizza. So with all that in your mind, you would think that I would know, like pretty decent pizzas, right. I've seen a lot of good ones as a lot of bad ones. When we came across this new place sauce pizzeria can't believe how much promotion they're getting. It is seems like they paid us right does when we went to sauce. We just like stumbled across this place. Dave got recommended from this restaurant owner of this amazing fish place in the city called Lur the skies like, and when you get like a recommendation from a fucking chef in New York City, you know, it's gonna be the real deal. So we were excited to go. There we go there. It's raining, we weren't. We didn't know how it's going to be. We always do the reviews outside. It was pouring it only been open for a week. Don't even open for a week. So we're like, there's no reviews there. No one even knows what the hell the place is called, ma'am. We had this slice of pizza David. I give it a nine point one. I was blown away. I, you could actually, if you if you bumped up the volume, you can hear me in the background or wall. Like when Dave says a nine point one. I mean, we've done really good pizza places. I print street pizzas one of my favorite and he rated it like an eight point something I'm like when I when he's did not my jaw hit the ground. I went in there. I had to do the piece. I had to have a slice of p. Pizza, and I may Dave for the first time in my life. I'm like, Dave hold. This guy named camera. I told him we can't leave until I get on this video. I said, I must tell the people that this isn't the owner came in on the review to be. There happened to swear to God. He happened to be there. His girlfriend happened and be there. It just seems suspect. We give this new place. People think Dave has equity in this place, right? Which would actually work if he if you own a place. Instead it's nine point. One people would be going crazy for sure. I had this pizza. I told they film me, I swear to God. I don't think I've ever had a better tasting pizza mind, tireless. I went home and told my dad. I'm like this place just dominant. I I was like, this is the best pizza I've ever had. I told my dad, he has to come to the city to try it. It's craziness stunt. Moving into sitting next week. I told the guy I will only be ordering pizza from this place. He's like, he's like, absolutely unbelievable. That it was that good. Nine one is so high. I mean, that is very high. I've seen a lot of pizza reviews Frankie and I'm watching this one. And then all of a sudden the end, my guy Frankie appears here. It is review the pizza. I was like, khloe shit. It's Frankie's going out of his way. Yeah, devours for this place. It must be pretty legitimate, but you're right. I mean, there was not only was it the, the owner and the girlfriend were all involved, but the fact that it's only been open since Saturday like come on a place, can't have act gonna pizza. It's only been over for like two days, but you know, you came on your pretty convincing buddy. You're very convincing him that it was funny the top comment on like Facebook was and now this guy's a millionaire. The owner was just glowing. Yeah, he's watching himself become successful in in front. It looked like he was gonna hug. Dave. When he gave them a nine point one and I'll end on this. He has his fucking. He has this oven that can I can change the heat of the crust and also change the heat of the cheese. So he can shoot heat at the crust and also at the cheese and he can change the heat. I'm like, what are you talking about? Now, dude, this is Bryce, and this is the Bryce into Shambaugh pizza. But honestly, it tasted good. So at that point I threw all that shit out the windows eight.

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