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And Amber to you is the biggest story this week in Augusta. Who is there, you know, speed. And Dustin Johnson missing the cut and Justin Rose. Getting off to this hot start having the lead you know so far through the first two days or is still the fact that Tiger Is at home recovering from the car accident in Florida. Is that still really the lead when it comes to this week's tournament? I think, Tiger for the time being always going to be the lead, and you mentioned that 2019 when from him, and when we watched him win it in 2019. We thought we were watching the start of something again the resurgence of something we didn't realize that maybe we were watching the end of something and we're so close in proximity time wise to that car accident that maybe that end his golf career is the concern there. We don't know how he's recovering from those injuries. And without that knowledge, there is that concern. And so that's going to be the story. I mean, at some point is enough. Time passed and, you know, maybe we're moved on. And tigers, not the lead every year of the Masters. I don't know. I feel like the tiger has been the lead of the Masters my entire life even on his down. Yes, I was just it's somebody. You took the words right out of my mouth. I was just going to say that. So the last time tiger wasn't the lead was the 1996 Masters and it was 25 years ago. I'm 38. So you know when I got into golf pretty much with Tiger, and I bet a lot of the fans listening to us right now. I can totally relate to that right like that. You know, 1996, like Payne Stewart's socks were, like, kind of cool, but I mean, you know, other than that. Tiger put golf back on the map in the post Nicholas era and I used to watch this tournament. Not see if you know David Duval in the early years or Jordan speed to the later years could make a play on the back. Nine. Like I was watching to see whether Tiger was going to be in the mix. I wanted not to know who was leading, but I wanted to know what tigers Score was I remember the person that trained me on doing sports updates for golf, said it doesn't matter like where anybody else's except for Tiger and I feel the void of not having Tiger Woods there this weekend. It is back in April, so it does kind of feel like Masters weekend, But I'm not sure they're going to put up a giant television rating this weekend for you know, a back nine of Justin Rose and Jordan's beef and Justin Thomas and those air some of the biggest names of golf. It just doesn't move the needle the way the tiger does. Nobody moves the needle with the way that Tiger does. Now we've had this conversation over the years with some of tigers, other injuries and some of his other down years, and we always have the conversation. Who's the next face of Gulf and who's going to Have that same sort of star power that a Tiger Woods has had. And I don't. That's not an easy answer, because first of all, nobody's dominant. You need somebody to be singularly is dominant as a Tiger woods, But like you said, It's been so long that we've been talking about him watching him. Even on the years that he's not there. We're all talking about him. We're all thinking about him. He impacted us so greatly. I'm Your same age. I'm also 38. He is who made golf cool in my lifetime in our lifetimes. And so he's always gonna be that talking point in, particularly now because the talking point is going to be. Are we ever going to see Tiger again in the Masters? And that's a scary thought for for anybody to consider, And that doesn't That's not meant to take away from these other guys. And I know right now. What Justin Rose is done here over the last few days has been an incredible run, particularly day one. And then you go into day two and he starts the lead starts slipping, and he has four bogeys on the first nine. But then he comes back. He maintains that lead and now I think he's only one shot up. I don't have the leaderboard in front of me. But right before that rain delay, so things are getting Hear competitive at the Masters, and it's going to be or should be when it comes back here when the weather subsides. It should be a really good day at Augusta, and I feel bad spending today, then talking about Tiger in the sense that I feel bad for the current golfers because I'm sure that gets old to them and you mentioned Jordan speak there, and he is a name that I think if he was able to win it, and a lot of people feel like he's back, and he's got his swagger back in the way that this course is playing. Firm and the way that it's difficult, and we know that this course always plays fast, and there's wind involved, and now you see the rain that that helps. Jordan speaks game and so he's somebody that you expect a lot from him, even though he's not sitting at the top of the leaderboard. I think he has one of those names that makes people tune in. But nobody's Tiger Woods. That's I think you're 1000%, right so Of the stories remaining Amber without Tiger there, who do you think winning is its speed? Who do you think winning would be the thing that would captivate you? The casual golf fan? The most tomorrow afternoon at about 56 o'clock as you're coming down the last couple of holes. Yeah, For me. It's speed because you just saw him when it was his first victory in what four years, I think And and all of this started with the meltdown on the 12 Paul at this exact tournament, So imagine it tomorrow if he's in the lead on 12 like what? That psychologically would be like for him standing on 12 teams. I interrupted you, but I just You know the Really a lot of this started when speed melted down at the Masters five years ago. Absolutely, And we know that in 2015. Obviously he wins it. Then he has the meltdown, and then he was never the same. After that. I think he's the juicy storyline. He's coming off of that wind that I mentioned. The Valero Texas Open. So to me, he's the name if he can pull it off if he can win it and what Justin Rose is done here, if you just remains completely dominant this whole time, if he's able to increase that weed, I think that would also be a good story for this Masters. Esso will Xalatan Oris is in second place, and I'm sure a lot of you are saying who Will's Allah tourists is playing in his first ever masters. He looks like he's about 12 years old, but he's 24 playing in his first ever Masters and he is one shot back. There's a group of guys two shots back, including Cory Connors of Canada had a key Matsuyama from Japan. Justin Thomas is part of the group. That's five under par. So there are some big names near the top of the leaderboard again. We are in a weather delay right now in Augusta, and I want to mention at some point coming up here during this show. We are going to be talking with a golf legend. I'm not going to spoil who it is, but I'll just let you know that we're going to be talking to a golf legend at some point. Coming up. We'll continue talking masters and we will get to the N B. A. A big featured match up tonight on ABC. This is prime time ESPN radio ESPN app. Me on Monday How concerned his Keyshawn about.

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