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Were kind of a different story. Jack had some really really bad results as he tried to get a grip on both the track and his motogp career for that matter. But the jack that we saw last year was much more representative of where he is right. Now is a writer and obviously he's on an even better bike with even more support than we had last season. Jack wants to be qadis leader. And this is his chance to take the reins amongst the desma riders and make up a desperately needed chunk of points on quattro. Ro at the same time to get himself back into this title fight. Jack is definitely going to be one of writers to be on sunday. Buddy is gonna have stiff competition both from outside and from within and of the other. Do cadi riders sean. Zarko for me could be the toughest challenger now last year at the red bull ring. Well that was certainly a memorable pair of weekends for johann but not for the reasons he or anybody else was expecting for that matter for those who aren't familiar. You should go back and watch. And the first race. He was involved in that now. Infamous wreck franken morbidelli. Then he suffered the effects of that in the second race. Having to start from pit lane this time around. Though things i would think are going to be way different. He's on a better bike. More confidence he's second in the points right now and hey branko. Morbidelli isn't even in this race so he's not going to repeat that bit of madness is so not only zarko looking for some sort of redemption at this track he's absolutely capable of it Arcos best motogp finish at. The rebel ring is death. That was actually on a yamaha not wanted to carry unease one here moto too but i think he's got a great shot to outdo his previous fifth-place mark on the decouty this weekend. And of course he's going to be aiming to get back on the podium. Now fabio quarrel isn't going to be the first rider. Most people think of as a potential winner in austria. But i'm telling you right now definitely. Don't sleep on him. He's one hundred percent capable of being in the mix on sunday because he's almost certainly going to have a really good starting spot now. Last year was a little bit tough for fabio at the rebel ring. But he hasn't been struggling anywhere this season. I mean you at tracks like low sale and mugello. That haven't always been nice to yamaha with their top speed problems. Those haven't been an issue for bobbio and that bodes well for this weekend and he's finished on the podium here before so yes the dukakis advantage and the ktm's will be awfully stout however quattro is capable of making up the difference on the brakes and in the corners and not only. Will he be in podium contention as fast as he's been all season i would not discount him as a potential winner in this race. He's going to be motivated to hold off the qadis and spoil their party because they think they're going to get him for a lot of points on sunday afternoon next up on the favorites list. Mark marquess and as usual this season. He's a little bit of a question mark when it comes to health. But we've all seen what he's capable of doing germany. of course we've also seen him struggle with his shoulder of the majority of the season not to mention his continually recovering arm. However he's have five weeks off to recover and gradually build up his workouts and his endurance. And he's probably in the best spot yet to look like the mark of old and mark of old not too shabby in austria. He of course has teamed up with andrei david. Oh so the put on some of the most spectacular shows ever hear emoji. The strange part is he's never come out on top. He's never one race in austria even though he's finished second here three times in his career races along with the fifth back in two thousand sixteen but even though he's number one he's definitely going to be locked in on that goal this weekend. He knows he's capable of it. He's likely to be the healthiest. He has been since his return. And that's going to make him into a serious threat. And i think he will be targeting a podium and another epic fight with the dukakis in front of him of course it might not just be do cadiz that are in front of mark that he's fighting with because ktm figures to be at the front two mb l. Avera he's going to be leading that charge coming off his surprised victory in the second race here last season. Actually i say it was a surprise but it wasn't. It was surprising because of the clever move. He made in that final corner to get past. Jack miller and paula spago. But he was legitimately going to be a podium. Finish or one way or the other in that race and we've seen since then that finish and his speed is no fluke now. The wind is obviously the highlight of his motogp. Stats here. But he's been fast every time out in the first red ring race last season he was taken out by police bogra while they were battling for fifth and two thousand nineteen eight. That was the best. Finish of miguel oliveras rookie season. So he's gotten faster here every race and he clearly feels comfortable at this track and of course. Miguel has been absolutely phenomenal since getting that nuke. Atm chassis with a win. Three podiums and four top five finishes in the four rounds heading.

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