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It sucks because then defense gets wind. It's a flaw in his system. We also have, let's see. How about the the ravens saints game? Yes, our gain that was great. We both bet on the well. I convinced big cat to bet on the ravens. Don't love the switch. All day would have been great if Justin Tucker hadn't missed an extra point. So I was thinking. About this e like Justin, Tucker, I think is the only kicker in all of the NFL where you can't actually blame him. And I know that sounds crazy because he missed an extra point that he hits. He literally has never missed one, but he is also won the ravens. Some ridiculous guess where he's hitting fifty five yards. So he's the one guy where it's like, you know what you were due for one and all in all. I think you're ahead still in your career. Yeah, he's fine. Well, I mean, Mike energetic, you remember that? Yes, that gives the Steelers, and then he got liquor up and yes, forgot how to kick footballs. Yes, hope that doesn't happen just because like he's actually he's a fun kicker to watch opera sing. I really, yeah. Yeah, I hadn't heard of rally did a piece on. I'm sure he didn't seven billion times that he's in a copy and pasted into a new article just, yeah, he, Justin Tucker is the one kicker that I think would actually probably be worth the first round pick. Ooh, I don't know about that. Really good. I you'll, you know what I mean? Second, I'll give you a second here. Here's what I love so much as the new technology that they have. Tells you how far the kick would have been good from? Yes, they need to use more of that. Yeah, Justin Tucker's always like seventy seven yard. Yeah, it's insane. The Vikings are actually wagging a what's real quick about Sean Payton because you mentioned how we don't like watching Sean Payton when he's outside. Yup. But I've noticed he coaches very, weirdly when he's on the road. It's like, if I, I don't know exactly how to describe it. But somebody who like when they're around friends, they show off when the parents they like act differently around their friends to like show off to them or whatever. That's what Sean Payne does when he gets out of his house when he gets out Superdome just stops punning. Yes, he forgets tastes hill. He puts tastes Hilter and tastes them hill is like Tim tebow except he's better at everything. Tim tebow does. Yes. He's a better pump protector. He's a better. Passer is a better runner. He's better at not having sex because he's a full Mormon. Right?.

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