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The puck trickled to the neutral zoning and kill some crucial crucial time as you said, John. And the blues may. Beginning a penalty here. And I believe they will Broncos off do they have too many many men on the ice? And that's why they weren't playing the puck there as the puck came roaming around the neutral zone. You saw the blues defenseman not playing in. And was wondering why. Well, they had six men on the ice. And if he would've played it would have been a penalty, but the rep still they gave him the call there. And then six men on the ice as too many men. One too many in the blues will be shorthanded here. Well, I guess they'll have the advantage for a minute fifty four until they'll be shorthanded then as the two guys in the box tomorrow. The capital will get there. Two men back in six seconds. And then the capitals are to power play for one fifty four. They win the face off. And they played all the way back in the road zone. And now the caps get two men back. And have a five on Ford manage with a tune-up lease. So the blues with a two eight advantage. Do not score and still trail by to the old rule of thumb is if you can't score in a five on three chance of winning the game or not very good three and a half to go in the second period. Dhaka's net software the capitals. He circles back to his own line four John Carlson. Carlson. Leaves it for kids nets off with speed ally. Right wing for our now trying to set it up down low for kiss nets up. Your twist run. Back for Carlson watched by Hsien now on for. This five on four play Eller park back in the blues. Google has a man wide open. Fraught Harley saved by Jake Allen. Call me on the rebound. Didn't get a lot on it. But I'll tell you what joy that first chance. He was wide open Jake Alameda. Great say there he was point blank colony right in front typically, the TJ, oh, she kinda works at station right in front there. And that's what makes our place. So dangerous Steen was Steen chin on that sequencer. They're so worried about the veteran that farsight in his office that you mentioned such a weapon, but sometimes you do that you forget about Colleen is Slotnick forgot about Cali there. Jake out having to come pick. There. We have a blues. Some of the players got a little. We're interested in the puck demand there, and he was wide. Open off the face off Carlson now for kids that's off on right wing forty five to go on the power play. Ovechkin left circle drive right on goal. NSA by Alan rebound. Not clear. Duck is that's off again sets up on the near side. The right half wall. Gets away for Riley Benitez pocket picked by Riley that a good play by the veteran or Riley. Fires it down the ice. Great. Stick by O'Reilly. There. Passed to center ice. Here comes right wing blues. Intercept fired back Darren by Angelo, seven to go in the period and tend to go on me. Bench. Minor being served by. Travis Boyd for the capital. Ballad almost into his own goal. Does that hit the outside of the goal? Lewis. Get back back at full strength. Dow schwartz. Download left wing in the corner for Robert Thomas Thomas trying to get free. He does now for Peron given to Thomas off his stick kept in with the right love. Portraying Gelo back of the goal Schwartz in front Greenwich, jab under the had a stick Copley video made the state Kelvin by Thomas pass in front, and that's broken up by the caps, juice. Here they come to center ice. Tip did by Travis boy played around here is Madison Bowie in for the right point throws one back of the blues goal kept neat. Drops it off right point for Bowie. Winds and fires off a body. I don't think it ever got on goal blues. Get it passed by done goes the distance, and that's an icing. Call the blues, and they need to get off the ISIS for well over a minute. And they're not gonna be able to get a change.

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