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Years ago. Pakistan's most prominent woman, a former prime minister Benazir Bhutto died in a suicide blast in the decade that followed the police investigations intelligence probes and a UN inquiry, but not one murder conviction. A killer was just fifteen years old but questions remain about who trained him who guided him. Why was he commissioned in the first place? The assassination was first released as a podcast, and if you want more detail, you can still and all ten episodes. But for now stay with us. The assassination is coming up after this bulletin of the latest world news. Hello. This is Charles kennel with the BBC news. The government of Zimbabwe has defended the operation by its security forces following violent protests over shop rises in fuel prices. The country's human rights commission said opposition activists was subjected to severe beatings. Andrew hound hunting is in Harari. Zimbabwe's government is brushed off allegations of systematic torture by security forces. A spokesman Nick Mangano told the BBC that when things get out of hand a bit of firmness is needed. The country's human rights commission has accused the police and army of indiscriminate attacks on civilians as young as eleven soldiers in Harare was seen beating a large group of mini bus drivers in the city on Tuesday evening. President Denison mnangagwa's proposal of a national dialogue with opposite. Parties has been rejected by the MDC which insists that the authorities should I released several of its MP's and hundreds of civilians. The government says it's tough economic reform. Forms will continue arguing that there can be no progress without pain. Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer Neal Bassey's says he's concerned that right-wing extremists could exploit what he termed as the feeble atmosphere around the country's exit from the European Union. Danny Schorr has more details. New police figures show the authorities in England Scotland Wales have foiled eighteen terror attacks in less than two years. Most were is missed inspired plots four vote far-right extremists. They now account for a growing proportion of counterterrorism work. Nail Basso said detectives were focused on ensuring that supporters of organizations such as the band right extremist group. National action didn't get a foothold in the country. The assistant Commissioner said he wanted to stop the far right drift into extreme right-wing terrorism. A British delegation to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos is expected to lay out on Wednesday. The UK's proposals to sign free trade agreements after Brexit. The. The push for support by the international business. Community comes a day. After a number of companies said they were in the process of moving operations away from Britain. The authorities in the US state of New Jersey have temporarily grounded flights at Munich international airport after two drones were spotted flying nearby appointed flying at a nearby private airport told air traffic control that one of the drones came within ten meters of his aircraft from New York. Here's Nick Bryant. The modern day scourge of drone sightings came to the north east. Coast of America last night with two devices spotted near Newark, one of the three main airports serving New York City to incoming flights reported sightings, prompting air traffic control to order, a brief grand stop. But the eleventh busiest airport in the US as a precaution. Some planes had to circle overhead at least one was forced to land in Philadelphia. But United Airlines the main operator at Newark claimed disruption have been minimal. We'll news. From the BBC. The Australian foreign ministry has asked the Chinese authorities for information on a Sydney-based writer young Jun who his friends suspect may have been detained while on a trip to China. Mr. young her former official in the Chinese foreign ministry has been an outspoken critic of China's communist government and his friends are said to have warned him against travelling to the country. The authorities in Britain say a group of celebrities have agreed to disclose when they've been paid to endorse products on social media. This comes after an investigation into advertising on platforms, including Twitter and Instagram Britain's competition and Markets Authority says their post seven influence on what their fans purchase. Here's a moron for years. Now, they've been concerns that celebrities could use their influence online in ways that breach rules around. Consumer protection. Now, sixteen celebrities have accepted they need to be more transparent. Thank you. This thing is Rita ORA and Eddie, coding and the models. Alexa chin and Rosie Huntington Whiteley until now their promotional posts have been relatively unregulated, but the competition and Markets Authority and advertising standards authority have intervened citing the interests of consumers. From now on post that have been paid for we need to be clearly labelled as such Tonga has severely restricted social media usage. After the failure of nearly all the Pacific island kingdoms communication links with the rest of the world engineers say it could take up to two weeks to fix the damaged undesired cable that links Tonga to Fiji which caused an almost complete blackout of telephone and internet services and in tennis. Serena Williams has been knocked out of the Australian Open. She lost to Carolina Priska there of the Czech Republic. After grueling three-set match. It's the first time that the seventh seed Piscopo has reached the semi finals of the tournament. She'll meet Japan's Namie Asaka who won last year's US open after herself defeating Williams in the final. And that's the latest BBC news. BBC World Service. Welcome to part two of the assassination with me, Owen Bennett Jones..

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