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Guilty. You know, you're wrong. You do the conditions that supposedly and by the end, this is a felony charge. This felony charge gets erased from your record in this case. It was so important for this felony charge to be a race from this kid's record because if he had a felony. He couldn't get a good job if you had a felony. He couldn't go to college. If he had a felony. He couldn't get good housing. And these were all things that he wanted to do he admitted he knew that he made a mistake in all he wanted was a second chance. So if a DA doesn't agree to expunge what probation every once in a value. Get an opportunity to ask the judge if they would consider overrule into the as. Decision. And if judge driver had been here in this case, there was absolutely no doubt. He would have overruled it. He would have said. Oh, yeah. This is a kid. That's made a mistake recognizes mistake that he's made. And he's ready to make it right? He can have expunge probation. Travel was dead. And I had a different judge. And I knew Imahara hearts that this judge would never would never give this kid expendable probation in the frustration. Just grew in me in the more. I talked to the about it. The more smug. He seemed to be and this would answer me why he did the crime. He's gotta do the time. It kept saying that over and over and over to me, and it just feels inside of me the Englewood, so. Then all of a sudden I snapped. And I put down my foul, and I pointed my finger and his. And that's it. Blake Blake, blah, blah..

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