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Patrols for the Labor Day holiday. Ninth Ward Alderman Anthony Beal says it takes a holistic effort to get improvement in the city's neighborhoods. If we create jobs and opportunity like we have done here in the fifth District in the ninth Ward Crime is down all over 40% because we've been ableto bring private public dollars together over $435 million to create 1600 full time job. CPD says murders are down 50% and shootings down 18% since enacting a new policing strategy six weeks ago. Mayor Life it is optimistic about the weekend, but it will be peaceful, but she's concerned about covert 19 people will gather. In large groups and ignore the public health guidance. That's my biggest concern for this weekend In Chicago, the Department of Public Health says Corona virus has now spread through small gatherings where people let their guard down with people they trust. White House Chief Economist adviser Larry Kudlow says the economy is well on its way to recovery. This is just in four months. We're more than halfway back from where we started in a terrible pandemic. His comments come after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says only people at the tapper seeing a recovery while those in the middle and below are seeing things get things getting worse. Kudlow says the unemployment drop has been widespread, including a minority populations as well as among those without college degrees today Marks 100 days of protesting in Portland, Oregon, Governor Kate Brown says several bills have been passed for police, accountability and investment in minority communities she caused at the beginning of the state's effort to fight in equities. The Pentagon's plan to shut down the military's independent newspaper Stars and Stripes and a major roadblock today, President Trump announced he won't allow this on his watch. The publication was supposed to end at the end of the month, is by congressional efforts to fund the century old newspaper. A City Council committee has approved a weekend planned to restrict flavor nicotine products in the city. Southwest side. Alderman Matt O'Shea had been pushing for a ban on the sale of all flavored nicotine products, but retailers push back They said business would move to the suburbs if flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes were banned. Some aldermen also said a band would fuel again controlled black market of the products. So in the end, the committee approved a plan that would only make selling flavored Vaping products Illegal Steve Bertrand, WG and News A man shot by a Cook County sheriff's deputy earlier this week, has been charged with gun possession and assault. 28 year old Darrel Foster was held without bail. The shooting happened Wednesday evening after an officer patrolling near Stickney tried to stop a speeding car that didn't have a front license plate. And had illegal illegally tinted windows WG and sports. Here's Kevin Powell. The White Sox have won 13 of 17 there half a game back of the Indians for the division lead tonight. They go for two straight wins against the last place Royals in Kansas City socks heading 3 84 with 31 runs over the last three games of Kauffman Stadium. Dane Dunning makes his third career start pre games at 6 30. With Mark Sadowski first pitch. It's seven or five..

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